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The query has 5 characteristics in the drilldown (rows) and one structure with 12 basis key figures (very simple query without any calculated or restricted key figures). The result set has 314.470 rows and hence 3.7 million cells (see OLAP_FE_TRANS below) with key figure values. In RSRT the following output is displayed (HTML Mode):


In contrast to the sample query 1, there are no yellow result lines. Hence our formula (see Query Performance and Memory Consumption) should deliver a more realistic value. In transaction ST02 ( 'SAP Memory' -> 'Mode List') about 550 MB are displayed:


In order to use the estimation formula we need the query runtime statistics and the two parameters VF_G and C_CP given in the 'Technical Information': 

This is how the runtime statistics looks in case the query used the OLAP cache. If the data is retrieved from the data base you get also entries regarding DataManager and DBTRANS:

In RSRT - 'Technical Information' we find

Now we insert the parameters

  • VF_G = 4
  • C_SP = 4
  • DBTRANS = 314,470
  • OLAP_FE_TRANS =  3,773,640

into the formula

'OLAP Memory Consumption in Bytes' = (VF_G*24 + C_SP*8 + CHARS_DRILL*7) * DBTRANS + 96 * OLAP_FE_TRANS

we get 51MB + 362MB = 413 MB. The total memory consumption displayed in ST02 is 552 MB.

In How to check current Memory Consumption you can find a description how to check the memory consumption after the processing block 'Data Transfer' (see Query Memory Consumption). In this case the final memory consumption is about 50 MB higher than the value at this stage. 


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