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  • Security Migration Comparison between BW 3.x vs. BI 7.0
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Security Migration Comparison between BW 3.x vs. BI 7.0

This wikipage illustrates the security features comparison between BW 3.x vs. BI 7.0. This will clearly compare features for SAP Security  and start out with a comparison of SAP BW 3.x  vs. SAP BI 7.0.


Security Migration Comparison

Below is the comparison on Security Migration between BW 3.x vs. BI 7.0:

BW 3.x

BI 7.0

Technical Foundation

Authorization Objects

Analysis Authorization


Not changeable afterwards


# of infoobjects that could be
made authorization relevant

10 infoobjects


Security on navigational attributes

Only on a global basis


Hierarchy Authorizations

Complex - Via GUID and 0TCTAUTH

Equivalent to Value Authorizations

Composition of Authorizations

Only intersection of auth objects permitted

Union ("as expected")

Authorization Relevance

Per infoobject and infocube

Only infoobject setting


Tied to role only

Flexible per authorization

Infoprovider authorizations

Separate auth objects

Included in authorization

Tested with BI 7.0 Frond-End

No. This won't be supported much longer