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  • Session Management issue for 7.3
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1)HTTP session overview link:

2)Configuring Bex Web Session timeout parameter(HTTP session):
This could be configured with following link: http(s)://<hostname>:<port>/nwa ->Configuration” -> “Infrastructure” -> “Application Modules" JAVA)
02.irj (Whole portal)

3)Recommended Session timeout values: JAVA) 60 min
02.irj (Whole portal) 30min

3)Correction notes:
1638319 ->BEx Web 7.30: Web Session Timeout not Working
1783553 ->Session timeout parameters for BI Java (BW 730)

4)Other information:
-Extend Global property  -Session timeout --inherited Global Value(Min) --default as 0
A value 0 or less than 0 means that no session timeout is set and the session never terminate without an explicit logout.
(This point has been confirmed with DEV colleague and corrected since 2015.08.03)

5)How to change the local property:
Define As local property -> Session timeout -> Locally Defined Value(Min)




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