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How to setup Repostiory Manager for BI Documents

The BI Document Repository Manager allows you to integrate documents created in the BI system into Knowledge Management of the portal.

The document is divided into three Classes:
                    Metadata, Master Data, and InfoProvider Data.

The Metadata document class contains manually created documents using metadata. These documents are not the automatically generated documents from the Metadata Repository.

The Master Data document class contains documents for characteristic values, such as images for personnel numbers, descriptions, and technical specifications for materials.

The InfoProvider Data document class contains documents for a combination of characteristic values, such as comments on key figures.

Set up Repository Manager for BI Documents and BI Metadata:

You can set up the BI Document and BI Metadata Repository Manager as following steps:

1. Log on to the portal with administrator user.
2. Start iView System Administration -> System Configuration -> Knowledge Management -> Content Management.
3. Choose Repository Managers”

4. Under Classes, choose BI Document Repository

5. Create a new instance of the BI Document Repository.

6. Enter the most important settings:

      Name: Unique name of Repository Manager
     Alias of BW System: See Creating BI System in the Portal 
     Prefix (must start with /): <BI_DOCUMENT_PREFIX> (for example, /bi_documents)
     Security Manager:  BWDocumentSecurityManager



Prefix (must start with / ): <BI_DOCUMENT_PREFIX>

7. Choose OK to save the settings

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