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  • Setting and Configuration between BW and portal
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Please check the note: 917950 for configuration setting for BW to portal


Usage Types

    • Contains all ABAP-based SAP WebAS functionality (software components SAP_ABA, SAP_BASIS and SAP_BW)

                    Data Warehouse Management, OLAP processor, Existing SAP BW 3.5 Web Runtime, ...

    • Internet Graphics Service (IGS) comprised
  • AS-Java
    • Contains all Java-based SAP WebAS functionality (J2EE)
    • Adobe Document Services (ADS), Universal Data Integration (UDI) and Metadata Model Repository (MMR) comprised
    • Universal Data Integration (UDI) is an independent component that is used for data retrieval and does not require Usage Type BI-Java
    • See note 853572 for additional information about AS-Java
  • EP
    • Contains Portal
    • Requires Usage Type AS-Java
  • BI
    • Contains BI Content Add-On (software component BI_CONT)
    • Requires Usage Type AS-ABAP
  • BI-Java
    • Contains all Java- and WebDynpro-based BI functionality

                    New NW2004s Web Runtime (incl. Analysis Item, Formatted Reporting, Web Printing, PDF Export, ...), new Planning Modeler for BI Integrated Planning, ...

    • Requires Usage Type EP and AS-Java
  • BI accelerator
    • Standalone engine based on TREX
  • Search and Classification
    • Standalone engine based on TREX

           BI accelerator and Search and Classification require two different TREX standalone engines

In NW 7.X Supportdesk tool is used instead of RSPOR_SETUP for checking configuration between ABAP and Java. The setting RSPOR_SETUP is obsolete in NW 7.x

To check the configuration of your system and to collect detailed information regarding your SAP NetWeaver BI installation configuration done properly through SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool.

So you need to follow the steps as per the note:
937697 - Usage of SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool
This note describes the process of using this tool

"SAP NetWeaver BI Diagnostics & Support Desk Tool" includes a complete set of all basic configuration checks required to configure BI-Java. Moreover, it provides hints for the sources of configuration issues and offers instructions to correct the configuration.

   1. You should have J2EE_ADMIN authorization.
   2. J2EE_ADMIN auhtorization should be mapped with ABAP User
   3. Be aware that the procedures differ deppending on the release (SAP NetWeaver 7.0x and SAP NetWeaver >= 7.30).

As per the note: 1177154 Supportdesk tool must be green.

Swapping Certificates Between the BI System and the Portal System please refer the below links:

Related note:


1083421 - SSO2 Wizard
817529 Checking the SSO configuration

How to correct the Supportdesk tool RED signal
                  Please check the note: 2113395

Useful SCN Links:
            BW system integration with Enterprise Portal SAP Help Link

917950 - SAP NetWeaver 2004s: Setting Up BEx Web
805344 - How URLs are generated automatically in BW
888687 - BEx Web Java: Analysis of communication/logon problems
919197 - Troubleshooting: More than one master system found
1013369 - SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI - intermediate Support Packages
1163789 - NetWeaver 7.0: BI Java Synchronized Patch Delivery Strategy
1011241 - Patches for NetWeaver 2004s BI Java Support Package
1072576 - Frequently Asked Questions: BI Java Support Packages/patches
1645590 - Java/Server SPs dependencies (and SupportDeskTool)
1512356 - Patches for NetWeaver 7.30 BI Java Support Package
1512988 - Frequently Asked Questions:BI Java 7.30 SP's/patches
1512355 - SAP NW 7.30/7.31/7.40 : Schedule for BI Java Patch Delivery
1052659 - Requirements for customer messages concerning export to PDF
872043 - BEx Web Applications (Java): Access denied
654326 - Domain restrictions in a portal environment
596698 - Session Release Agent - Typical Problems & Troubleshooting
1707869 - Wrong URL when running query




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