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When an Init data load fails for an Infopackage. Sometimes you end up getting short dumps when running the infopackage.

When init fails and you have to reset the init conditions . The symptoms for the same ar a Message Type X dump when trying to open the info package with a dump in RSM1_CHECK_FOR_DELTAUPD

do the following :
In the BW System:
Tables RSSDLINIT and RSSDLINITSEL have the init conditions stored. Delete these records from BW.

In SAp R/3
Tables ROOSPRMSF and ROOSPRMSC have the init conditions - delete these entries.

Now you can open your infopackage.

For  program RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE in the BW system further information can be found in
note 852443 Dump in include LRSSMU36/RSSM_OLTPSOURCE_SELECTIONS.

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  1. Unknown User (1017v264t)

    Often you can solve the problem if you run the program RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE in the BW system.

    /Christian Frier

  2. Christian,

    Added your comment to the main wiki entry - thanks...