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  • The functionality 'Single Data Provider Refresh' was introduced due to long initial load/refresh time when workbooks containing a lot of Data Providers are opened. 
  • It has been redesigned (see note 1849135).
  • Information about the previous design you can find on wikipage: Old Single Data Provider Refresh.
  • Please remember that the functionality is similar but not exact as seen in BEx Analyzer 3x.


1 - FeaturesWhich features offer the SDPR functionality?
2 - PrerequisitesThese are the prerequisites to use the SDPR functionality.
3 - Workbook creationFind the steps to create a workbook with SDPR functionality.
4 - Workbook already created Find the steps to setup for existing workbooks with SDPR functionality.
5 - How behaves the refresh functionality?The behavior of SDPR functionality is described in detail.
6 - When appears the variable screen?This clarifies when the variable screen appears if you make a refresh.
7 - How behaves the toolbox 'change variable values' button?Find Information about how the variable screen works while using SDPR functionality.
8 - ExampleAn SDPR example is explained
9 - Using MacroFind information about macros.
10 - Faster switch to Design ModeWith this information you can increase performance while designing the workbook.
11 - Functionality does not work as describedWhat needs SAP Support to check your issue in case SDPR functionality does not work as described?

1 - Features

  • A Single Data Provider refresh can be performed.
  • Only Grid Items referencing the selected Data Provider are re-rendered.
  • A full refresh of all remaining inactive Data Providers is possible.
  • The variable dialog can be called (multiple times) for a single Data Provider by positioning the cursor in an area representing a Data Provider.
  • The Functionalities 'Copy Sheet' and 'Add Drilldown according to <characteristic> in new Worksheets' only requires the single Data Provider to be refreshed. 

2 - Prerequisites

  • Set RS_FRONTEND_INIT parameters ANA_SINGLEDPREFR_NEW = X using transaction RS_FRONTEND_INIT.
  • The NEW design of Single Data Provider Refresh functionality was introduced with SAP GUI 730 Frontend patch FEP400. Please note that support of SAP GUI 730 and 740 has already ended (see note 147519), thus using SAP GUI 750 or 760  is mandatory .

    Please, use latest Frontend patch for SAP GUI 760, you can find it here: SAP Note 2768687 
    For SAP GUI 750, refer SAP Note 2468600

Make sure that latest corrections are implemented or active via SP level: 

  • 2082030 BExAnalyzer: Single data provider refresh does not consider the workbook saved variable values
  • 1399968 BExAnalyzer: enhanced refresh menu / manual activity: set RS_FRONTEND_INIT parameter ANA_ENHANCE_REFRESH
  • 1849135 BExAnalyzer: Single Data Provider Refresh Functionality NEW / manual activity: set RS_FRONTEND_INIT parameter ANA_SINGLEDPREFR_NEW
  • 1930090 BExAnalyzer: Performance in Serialization of Hierarchies / manual activity: set RS_FRONTEND_INIT parameter ANA_SERIALIZE_PARTS
  • 1950650 BExAnalyzer: Server Dump when opening a workbook
  • 1887195 Extensive fetches when executing queries with hierarchy vars
  • 1927370 BExAnalyzer: Performance issues with new Single Data Provider Refresh
  • 1892734 BExAnalyzer: Server Dump when opening a workbook
  • 1921855 BExAnalyzer: Data Provider Assignment is lost if user has no Authority for Data
  • 1921679 BExAnalyzer: Submit of Variable Dialog causes BW Server Error


Additional corrections:

  • 2080658 BExAnalyzer: Single Data Provider Refresh - behavior not as expected  / FEP900
      • Use the latest patch of Business Explorer 

3 - Workbook creation

With following steps you create a workbook with Single Data Provider Refresh functionality:

  • Create a workbook with at least 2 Data Providers which is not based on SAP Default Workbook.
    (For clarification why SAP Default Workbook should not be used please review wikipage: Creation of 7x Workbooks with or without SAP Default Workbook.)
  • Open the workbook settings and set flag 'Allow Refresh of Individual Queries'. This activation deactivates the option 'Refresh Workbook on Open' automatically:
  • Save the workbook.

4 - Workbook already created 


You have two options for this case:

A - Open manually each workbook and proceed as the screenshot above by, checking the option Allow Refresh of Individual Queries. After that, save the workbook.

B - Open BEx Analyzer, click on Global Settings button, check the option Allow Refresh on Individual Queries for all Running Workbooks, with that all workbooks that you open, automatically be set the option Allow Refresh of Individual Queries. Then, you can only save the workbook to the server. More details, read SAP Note 1623965 - Allow refresh of single queries as a global setting in BEx


5 - How behaves the refresh functionality?

  • Open the workbook.
  • As workbook settings option 'Refresh Workbook on Open'  is inactive no automatically refresh happens after loading the workbook.
  • As workbook was saved with active workbook settings option 'Allow Refresh of Individual Queries' the Single Data Provider Refresh functionality is active.
  • The refresh function can be called using toolbox refresh button or via context menu for BEx items like a GridItem, a Navigation Pane or a Filter Item:


The cursor is set on ...toolboox refresh button options:context menu options:
... an empty Excel cell.Refreshno BEx context menu available
... a cell representing a not yet refreshed Data Provider.

Refresh This Query

Refresh This Query
... a cell representing an already refreshed Data Provider.

Pause Automatic Refresh  (if Automatic Refresh is switched on)
Activate Automatic Refresh (if Automatic Refresh is switched off)
Full Refresh of Active Queries

Refresh option not available anymore

  • The following table shows which action is performed using a refresh menu option:
refresh menu optionactionadditional information 
RefreshRefreshes all Data Providers contained in the workbook.This option is only available if there exists at least one Data Provider which was not yet refreshed.
Refresh This QueryRefreshes only selected Data Provider.This option can be used only one time for one Data Provider.
Full Refresh of Active QueriesRefreshes all active Data Providers again.Active Data Providers are the already refreshed Data Providers.
Pause Automatic RefreshStops the automatic refresh. 
Activate Automatic RefreshStarts the automatic refresh again. 


If you have performed a full refresh (all Data Providers) then the menu options 'Refresh This Query' and 'Full Refresh of Active Queries' are no longer available. The 'Single Data Provider Refresh' functionality is only available if NOT all in workbook existing Data Providers are refreshed. 


6 - When appears the variable screen?


The cursor is set on ...Performed action: 

The variable screen will appear if at least one input ready mandatory variables exists
which has no value assigned to it and ...

... an empty Excel cell.Refresh ... contains the variables of all Data Providers.
... a cell representing a Data Provider.Refresh This Query... will only contain the variables of the selected Data Provider.
... any cell.Full Refresh of Active Queries... contains the variables of all active Data Providers.

7 - How behaves the toolbox 'change variable values' button?

Make sure that correction 1921679 is active in the system.

The cursor is set on ...The Variable Dialog will ...
... an empty Excel cell / no refresh was performed before

... display all variables of all Data Providers contained within the workbook.

... an empty Excel cell / a refresh was already performed before... display all variables of all active Data Providers contained within the workbook.
... a cell representing a Data Provider.

... only display the Variables of the selected Data Provider. Only the selected Data Provider is refreshed.

With using 'change variable values' button you can perform again a Single Data Provider Refresh for one already refreshed Data Provider. So you can perform multiple Single Data Provider Refreshes with changed variable values for one Data Provider.

8 - Example

Please find following example for better understanding of the functionality.
Our example workbook contains 3 Data Providers (without variables) and the Single Data Provider Refresh functionality is switched on.


The workbook was opened, no refresh has been performed, the cursor is set on Data Provider DP1 Grid Item and the context menu is called. With options 'Refresh' you can refresh the whole workbook (containing all Data Providers) and with option 'Refresh This Query' only the selected Data Provider DP1.


This is the same situation as before but the toolbox refresh button was pressed. You can see that the same refresh options are available. Now the option 'Refresh This Query' is selected.



The option 'Refresh This Query' was performed for Data Provider DP1, it has been refreshed. We set again the cursor on Data Provider DP1 and call the context menu. The option 'Refresh This Query' is not available anymore because the Single Data Provider Refresh function was already performed for the selected Data Provider DP1. But now the option  'Full Refresh Of Active Queries' is available instead. In this step no further actions were performed.



We set the cursor on Data Provider DP2 and execute the Single Data Provider Refresh function using refresh option 'Refresh This Query'.

no picture
5Now in our workbook Data Providers DP1 and DP2 are refreshed, the Data Provider DP3 not. The cursor position is not relevant for next action. We press the toolbox refresh button, here we select the refresh option 'Full Refresh Of Active Queries'. This action refreshes the active Data Providers, these are all already refreshed Data Providers contained in the workbook.


9 - Using Macro

10 - Faster switch to Design Mode

  • To edit the workbook in Design Mode a refresh is necessary. If the refresh has not be performed before, the BEx Analyzer refreshes the complete workbook automatically after pressing the Design-Modus button. This can leads to a long initial refreshing time while using complex workbooks with a high number of Data Providers.
  • To avoid/reduce the refreshing time and reaching more faster the Design Mode you can use the following trick:
    • Before switching to design mode use the Single Data Provider Refresh functionality to refresh only one Data Provider.
    • If you have done this no complete refresh of the workbook is done anymore.
    • Please note that only the refreshed Data Provider is available in Design Mode.
  • Starting with SAP GUI 730 FEP701 you can use the "DesignMode Optimization Functionality" to get further optimization:
    • For that, you need to set RS_FRONTEND_INIT parameter ANA_DESIGNMODE_OPT = X as described in note 1934544.
    • The  "DesignMode Optimization Functionality" works like following:
Switch to Design ModeWorkbook and Data Providers contained within the Workbook are not synchronized with the server
Within Design Mode

Data Provider properties are applied to the Workbook Definition stored within the excel Workbook if the Data Provider has not yet been synchronized with the server. If the Data Provider has already been refreshed (synchronized with the server) then the Data Provider and its properties are re-synchronized with the server.

Switch to Analysis ModeIf active Data Providers exists (at least one Data Provider has been refreshed) then the workbook and all active Data Provider are synchronized with the server.
The complete excel Workbook is rendered.
Copy SheetNeither source Data Provider nor target Data Provider are refreshed (synchronized with the server)



11 - Functionality does not work as described

If you feel that the functionality is not working as described at this page and in note 1849135 then we need: 

  1. A document which describes your issue in detail. It should contain::
    1. A step-by-step description with a screenshot for reproducing.
    2. The screenshots should show the complete Excel session with coordinates.
    3. Please mention the cell coordinates of cursor before applying an action.
    4. Please provide the workbook ID (see here) and the variable selection.
    5. BW system ID used for your test, and where the notes were implemented.
  2. Confirmation that all mentioned ABAP corrections are active/implemented.
  3. Confirmation that all mentioned parameters are set.
  4. Confirmation that issue is reproducible using latest Business Explorer patch for SAPGUI 7.50 or SAPGUI 7.60
  5. Please attach the installation check result file as per note 1229206.
  6. Open the following connections: 

    1. R/3 Support (note 812732)

    2. SAP NI Connection (Note 1718597)


Link to this page:
Bridge KBA: 2549754 - Single Data Provider Refresh wiki KBA