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Important Points
  1. By default, the values are sorted as defined in the query definition (QueryDesigner: Sort Characteristic='As in the Query'). This means that the values in the query output are displayed in the same order as the filter values in the Query Designer. If you have not specified filter values in the query definition, the system sorts the values according to the key.
  2. In case there are more characteristics in the drilldown, the sorting of characteristic values is always carried out in relation to the charcteristic 'left' of the affected one.

These samples are transferred from KBA: 2128583  Sorting Query Results 

Sorting and Filter Values

Sample Query I contains several filter values regarding the characteristic which is in the drilldown

If you use the default setting for 'Sorting', the values in the query result are sorted the same way:

Sorting and multiple characteristics in drilldown I

Sample Query II has two characteristics in the drilldown: 'Quarter' and 'Product'. Both characteristics are sorted by their key (ascending):

The products are sorted in relation to the quarter, so for each quarter independently. If you need all products to be sorted (independent of the quarter) then you need to swap the characteristics:


Sorting and multiple characteristics in drilldown II

Sample Query III  has the characteristics 'Customer and 'Sales Personnel' in the drilldown:

In this case there is always just one sales staff member assigned to a customer. Hence, whatever sorting you define for the characteristic 'Sales Personnel', it does not have any effect. You need to swap 'Sales Personnel' with 'Customer' in case such a sorting is required.

E.g. if you want to sort 'Sales Personnel' by the text (ascending), you need to have it on the left side in the drilldown:

SAP Consulting Notes

2128583  Sorting Query Results 

1030678  Table is not sorted according to TopN condition

1489967  BExAnalyzer: Sorting Options

1527041 BExAnalyzer: Enable Sorting for Structures

989872  # Entries when sorting in descending order by key or text

SAP Online Documentation

Characteristic Properties

BexAnalyzer: Navigating in Analysis Mode - 'Key Figure Properties'

Bex Web: Context Menu Functions - 'Properties of Structure Elements'


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