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This is the main page of all sourcesystems which can be connected to a BW system, additionally SRC troubleshooting are discussed. In the following its normally necessary that you are already familiar with the content of the online documentation, please see link below. Since there are also lots of good SAP notes/KBAs to many of the most important features we tried to point to them in the text whenever reasonable. A comprehensive list of them is given below.

SAP Online Documentation

SAP Consulting Notes at a glance:

Check out if you know all of them:

Top notes: all of them highly recommended
  • 1478123 FAQ: Source system
  • 886102 System Landscape Copy for SAP NetWeaver BW
  • 538052 Maintenance of Myself destination in BW
  • 150315 BW-Authorizations for Remote-User in BW and OLTP
SRC Corrections

SAP coding corrections are delivered by SAP note corrections and support packages. New corrections are listed in the composite notes:

Guidelines for Error Analysis

How to check a BW - SAP SAPI source system connection

Guide for SAPI Source System issues


Different Source System type on BW Systems <> BW/4HANA

Source System type on BW/4HANA Systems:

  • HANA Source System
  • ODP
  • FILE


BW System with BW/4 starter Add-On implementation:

  • new installation:
    same as BW/4HANA Systems
  • BW/4 starter Add-on implementation on running BW Systems
    It is only allowed to create BW/4HANA sourcesystem types.  See KBA 2400725  for further Information.
    Existing 'old' sourcesystem types can still be used.

OTHER Topics

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