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1) Go to the RSA6 (Find ur datasource 2lis_02_itm double click on it )

2) Double click on the extract structure

3) You will see extract structuter then you can see the append structure at the top left click onit

4) Give the name of the structure

5) Enter the NEW field starting with "ZXXXXX"

6) Save it

7) Go to Cmod and then create a project

8) The assign components as EXIT_SAPLRSAP_002 (for trasaction data)

9) Go inside the include and write a code to fill the values to ur NEW field from the table you want to move

10) Save the code and activate it

11) Go to RSA3 and test the extractor

12) Check ur NEW field is there or not (if u dont find ur field go to rsa6 and double click ur DS and then see that there is a HIDE mark i schecked or not)

13) If everything looks fine from R3 side

14) Then Replicate the data source in BW

15) You will find the new fild in the Trasfer structure

16) Assign to the IO which u want to map and activate it

17) Add a new IO in Cube

18) Check all ur Update rules to map to fill the new IO from R3

19) The Load the data to Cube

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