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The purpose of this wiki is to demonstrate, some standard procedures that need to be checked while doing analysis based on overall performance faced on the BIA system.


The BWA system reports several performance issues, and you are not sure if you should change any parameters from TREXIndexServer.ini file to help on this.
These changes are default in newer revisions, but it can be not properly set with all BIA revisions, however usually with older revisions of BIA 7.00, the inconsistencies will be more frequent.


1. Check if Index Usage Collector is disabled. This leads to several undescribable performance issues in the BIA. For this check note:
1448964 - BWA 7.00: Index Usage Collector Leads to Memory Issues Deactivate the statistics index and delete it. It is deactivated per default in higher versions. Note: 1163732 "BWA 7.00: BWA statistics index"  provides further details.
3. Deactivate the cache. This is only suggested to be used when you work with BO-Explorer. Check the following notes for more details:
1331582 - BWA 7.00: Cache for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer queries
4. Activate the Dimfn Index for all the cubes you have experienced performance problems. To activate it you only have to perform a click in the TREXAdmintool on the blades. That's all. The indexes don't have to be rebuilt.
TREX Standalone Admin tool -> View "Usage" -> Tab "DimFn Index" -> select any indexes that should use DFI -> right mouse click -> "Switch on"
Note: "1133742 BIA 7.00: DimFunction Index (DFI) " provides more details.
5. Check if the chunk_size is bigger than 0.  Note: 1157582 BIA 7.00: New feature "package wise read"   

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