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The report RSARFCER will delete entries in the tables ARFCSSTATE and ARFCSDATA. There is no need to use the report RSTRFCER, unless you
wish to delete entries in the table ARFCRSTATE. The program RSARFCER is designed to delete tRFC's. The report RSTRFCER is designed to
delete ARFCSTATE (internal application).Originally, this report was delivered as automatically scheduled.
However, due to the fact that the batch job was created with the ID of the user applying specific hotpacks, it was owned by that user.
If the user left the compnay, or the ID changed, it became an administrative issue for System Admins, so this report is no
longer scheduled automatically. 

 Please take a look at SAP Note 366807 for more details on this, as well as alternative methods for removing
data from the system.  It is a supported method to schedule this report to run peridically as a clean up job in the system, just be sure
to create it with a static user ID (one that will always be available), or at least keep track of the ID assigned.
In order to kick off processing of the LUW's in TRFC Monitor, you can run report RSARFCEX (also can be a periodic running batchjob),
or manually via the tRFC monitoring (SM58).

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