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Before the technical upgrade

1.      Make sure that all transports in DEV system should be released and imported to all downstream systems QA and PRD systems.

2.      Check for Inconsistent Infoobjects and repair inconsistent Infoobjects as much as possible.

3.      Clean Up inconsistent PSA directory entries.

4.      Check consistency of PSA partitions.

5.      Check compounding consistency in Multiproviders.

Right before the technical Upgrade procedure:

  1. Apply latest SPAM patch.
  2. Download most recent SP (Support Package ) stack and most recent BI Support pack. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version of all relevant support  packages during the upgrade.
  3. Check for the newest versions of SAP Notes for the Upgrade.
  4. Ensure that correct java runtime environment version is installed on sever.
  5. Ensure DB Statistics are uptodate prior to upgrade.
  6. Check for inactive update rules and transfer rules. All update and transfer rules should be active.
  7. Check for inactive Infocubes and agreegates. All Infocubes should be activated.
  8. Check for inactive Infoobjects. All Infoobjects should be activated.
  9. Check for inactive ODS objects. All ODS objects should be activated.
  10. Make sure all ODS data requests have been activated.
  11. Data load and other operational tasks i.e change run should not be executed while SAPup runs. So, reschedule Infopackages and process chains. SAPup automatically locks background jobs.
  12. Special consideration for modifications to time characteristics  0CURRENCY, 0UNIT, 0DATE, 0DATEFROM, 0DATETO, 0SOURCESYSTEM and 0TIME.
  13. For UNICODE systems special reports must be run. Execute reports RUTTTYPACT and UMG_POOL_TABLE.
  14. Complete any data mart data extractions and suspend any data mart extractions.
  15. Only 3.0 systems Run  SAP_FACTVIEWS_RECREATE from SE38 transaction before running SAPup.
  16. Before execution PREPARE backup your system.

Notes for Upgrade

  1. Review SAP notes 964418, 965386 and 934848, and plan to incorporate the installation of the new technical content into tasks performed following the

       technical upgrade procedure.

2.  Review note 849857 to prevent potential data loss in PSA/change log. Review note 856097 if issues are encountered with parttion.

3.  Review note 339889 to check PSA partition consistency.

4.  Review SAP note 920416 that discusses a potential issue with compounding in MultiProviders. 

5. Review note 1013369 for a new intermediate SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI ABAP Support Package strategy .

6. Review note 449891 and also see note 883843 and 974639 to execute routine for deleting temporary BI database objects.

7. Review note 449160 to Execute program RSUPGRCHECK and to locate any inactive update and transfer Rules .

8. Review note 449160 to Execute program RSUPGRCHECK and to locate any inactive InfoCubes.

9.  Review note 449160 to Execute program RSUPGRCHECK and to locate any inactive InfoObjects.

10. Review  note 449160 and 861890 to Execute program RSUPGRCHECK to locate any inactive ODS objects.

11. Refer to  note  996602 If modifications have been made to these to time characteristics, 0CURRENCY, 0UNIT, 0DATE, 0DATEFROM, 0DATETO,
      0SOURSYSTEM, or 0TIME, create or locate a change request containing them sourced from the BI development system.
      This change request will be re-imported into not only the BI dev system, butalso any other systems following SAPup.

12. Review notes 544623 and 813445 to run special reports for any UNICODE SAP system.

13. See Note 506694 and 658992 for more info for SAP Service API (S-API), which is used for internal and BI data mart extraction, is upgraded during the upgrade. Therefore,
     the delta queues must be emptied prior to the upgrade to avoid any possibility of data loss .

14. For Release NetWeaver 7.0, there is completely new workload statistics collector. This newly developed workload statistics collector is incompatible
      with earlier workload statistics data. In order to preserve the data for use after the upgrade, follow the steps in SAP notes 1005238 and 1006116 .

15. For BW 3.0B systems: Execute report SAP_FACTVIEWS_RECREATE from SE38 before running SAPup, to prevent problems with the /BIC/V<Infocube>F
      fact views. For more information, see SAP Note 563201 .

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