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As discussed in Time and Technical Characteristics, a master data read class is assigned to such a special InfoObject which handles the master data retrieval. The values for display attributes are derived(by this class) from the date of the data record, navigation attributes are read with the help of the master data tables P and X.

The time characteristic 0CALDAY refers to the InfoObject 0DATE. The corresponding class is CL_RSMD_RS_0DATE(see note 1387166). The definition depends on the content release. E.G. on BW/4Hana systems, 0CALDAY is shipped with (navigation) attributes in contrast to BW75 systems:


Transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT can be used to define a time interval which is the basis for the F4 help of time characteristics. In case of inconsistencies, this transaction also offers an option to refill the corresponding master data tables(more precisely, the SID, P, and X tables) for the characteristics 0DATE, 0CALMONTH, 0QUARTER and 0FISCPER(since the new content versions of these objects contain navigation attributes). So, e.g. when there is a record missing within the defined time interval in the SID table, it is created. In addition, all attribute values of the P and X table are refilled for all dates of the SID table. See the example below and the following note for details:

2608688 New Rebuild Option for Time Characteristics Master Data

In case the (content) version of 0DATE does not contain any navigation attributes(P and X tables do not exist), this rebuild option does not have any effect.

Allowed Attributes
  • 0Calmonth
  • 0calmonth2
  • 0Calweek
  • 0Weekday1
  • 0Calquarter
  • 0Calquarter1
  • 0Halfyear1
  • 0Calyear

SAP Notes

2481982 0WEEKDAY1 is not supported as Attribute for 0DATE

Content Versions and Examples

BW75 Content Version

You can see that the tab Attributes do not contain any attributes(no green light).

BW/4Hana Content Version

BW/4Hana Example

We check the impact of the definition of the time interval in transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT. When the system is new, all the master data tables(/BI0/SDATE, /BI0/PDATE, /BI0/XDATE) of 0CALDAY are empty. We start with the interval 01.01.2016 to 31.12.2017 and save it:

Afterwards we use the button 'Execute Recreate' in order to fill the tables:

SID Table

This table is filled with values from 01.01.2016 up to 31.12.2017:

P and X Table

The P and X table are filled as well with all the (navigation) attributes:

In case we now e.g. load a data record where 0CALDAY is equal to 29.05.2018(into a provider), the corresponding records would be added to all these tables. 

If we deleted this record in the P table and then ran the rebuild function in transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT, this record would be added again since there was still the corresponding entry in the SID table. 



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