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Define Time Characteristic

  1. Field with data type DATS will be generated with base characteristic 0Calday
  2. Use annotation  @Semantics.calendar.*  or @Semantics.fiscal.* to define fields as time characteristics

Important points to know:

  1. Multiple fields in a CDS view can have the same time semantic
  2. There is no dependency between different time fields by default
  3. With annotation  @ObjectModel.value.derivedFrom: '<field name>', the time fields can be defined with dependency
  4. To use Time Hierarchy, see Note 2289865 → Section: Configuration of Hierarchies for Time Characteristics (optional)
    See also Virtual Time Hierarchies
  5. The long timestamp (data type TIMESTAMPL) field is not supported. The field is ignored. (Note 27377692887459 )
  6. In a query built on a CDS provider, time fields (defined in the way as listed above) will be always sorted by key no matter what is the display format. 

More Details and Examples

CDS Views: Time Dimensions and Virtual Time Hierarchies (e.g. used in SAC)

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