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  • Time-dependant Hierarchies
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Time-dependant hierarchies can be used if different versions of the same hierarchy are required and these versions need to be valid for a specific period of time.

In order to create a time-dependant hierarchy, a validity interval ("Valid From" and "Valid to" fields) needs to be specified.

The system creates hierarchy versions for each separate interval. Hence each hierarchy can be uniquely identified by its technical name and the From-To Date.

In the Query Designer there are 3 options for setting the hierarchy keydate:

  1. use the query-keydate as hierarchy keydate
  2. determine the hierarchy keydate via variable
  3. set a fix date-value for the hierarchy keydate

The hierarchy valid for the relevant keydate is then displayed in the BW-report.

Technical information

The hierarchy is uniquely identified by the technical name and the 'from - to date'. Each hierarchy with a different time interval gets its own HIEID and HIESID (in table RSHIEDIR and table RSRHIEDIR_OLAP → please see BW Hierarchy Tables for more details on these tables).


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