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Supportdesk Tool :

Step1: Close all open web browsers.

Step2: Logon to your Portal using
    <http https>://<j2ee_server>:<j2ee_port>/irj with a user belonging to the "Administrators" group. Usually, this is "Administrator" or "j2ee_admin" or another user from either user group

If you are in NW 7.00 or EHP1 so you need implement the note: 937697 and follow the steps as mentioned the note: 937697. 
If you are in NW 7.30/7.31/7.40, the note 937697 latest correction will be available on latest java components(SCA’s).
If possible please deploy the latest java patch and follow the below steps:

  Change the URL in your browser to
    <http https>://<j2ee_server>:<j2ee_port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/

Click “Start Reproduce” button. (once you clicked “Stop Reproduce” button disabled)

Open new IE or tab, please reproduce the issue with your example template/query.

After reproduce the issue go to old IE session/tab, click on button 'Stop reproducing'.

After this, please click the tab 'Download Support info' and save the file as it is in “.zip” format.

Attached to this OSS message. If file size is more please ask SAP consultant to provide container link.

HTTPWatch Trace:

A HTTP trace collected while reproducing the problem. Please use the following procedure:

1) install the free version of HTTPWatch ( on your Internet Explorer 

2) start the browser and clear its cache 

3) start the HTTPWatch (click on 'Record' button) 

4) reproduce the issue 

5) save the contents of HTTP Watch as a “.hwl” file (Please note: Exporting as CSV or XML is not so helpful, so please use the default save option). Please attach this “.hwl” as a zipped file to this OSS message and the default traces from both the producer and consumer that were written at the same time.

6) Still you want more information please check the note: 1387264.

Fiddler trace:

Please provide the fiddler trace as follows:

1.Please install Fiddler (free tools) on your
   client machine. Link

2.Turn on the capture. See the video on the website for reference.

3.Reproduce the  error in Xcelsius/Dashboard.

4.Go to fiddler and save the log file.

5.Attach the log file into this message.

RSTT Trace:

Step1: Record an RSTT trace according to note 899572.

Step2:   Provide the trace ID that is displayed at the top of the BEx Web Application
             e.g.: Recording RSTT trace with ID "SID/000001"

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