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As discussed in SAP note 1591837, a detailed analysis of queries can be done with the transactions RSRT(Query Monitor) in a very convenient way (if you want to check the data in the infoprovider the transaction LISTCUBE is normally the best choice). With the help of the query monitor you can run and analyze queries without a BW front end. It offers a lot of helpful features like the option of getting some technical information displayed about the query. A general description of almost all available functions to the Query Monitor can be found in the online documentation under the link:
Query Monitor

A video on the usage of this transaction is available via KBA: 2164352 Videos about transaction RSRT [VIDEO]

Query Display Modes

The transaction offers 3 different modes ('QueryDisplay'). In releases 7.3 and lower they are called List, Bex Analyzer and HTML. When using such BW releases, then please choose the HTML mode since it is the most suitable one for analyzing queries. It also provides the possibility to save bookmarks (button 'Bookmark', note 1766189). This is especially useful when an issue only occurs after some navigational steps.

Starting from release 7.4 they are called List, Analysis Office, HTML and ABAP BICS. As described in note 2349543, since the HTML mode is already obsolete(and, in the long term, will not be available, e.g. on a BW/4HANA or S/4HANA (2009 OP or newer)), it is recommended to change to the ABAP BICS mode for  BW releases higher than BW75. The modes 'Analysis Office' and as of BW75 'ABAP Web', 'Java Web' and  'WD Grid' are just running the specified query in  the corresponding frontend. Hence, these modes cannot benefit from e.g. the features of 'Execute&Debug' and are therefore not suitable for most of the checks.

Analysis Options

SAP Consulting Notes

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