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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of transaction RS_PERS_ACTIVATE.


You can use transaction or program RS_PERS_ACTIVATE to activate the personalization and history.

The DSO 0PERS_VAR contains the personalization data. It one defines the user input and is used to initialize the variables when opening a query. Normally a dialog would appear, but when such 0PERS_VAR is filled for the user connected, then the dialog will not appear and the variable takes the value stored in the PERS_VAR table.

0PERS_VAR is usually filled with values from  authorization objects. The transaction allows to enable / disable this feature in BEx and therefor users can or cannot personalize their input.

How to activate it?

Call transaction RS_PERS_ACTIVATE.

Select all of the checkboxes.

Execute (choose F8)


  • Activate BEx History

History is activated in the Open BEx dialog box when the program is executed

  • Variables Personalization

Personalization of variables is activated when the program is executed.

  • Web Report Person

Personalization of Web Applications is activated when the program is executed.

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