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In many scenarios now BW objects are created on the fly or data (master, hierarchy, transaction) for the BW objects does not have to be loaded anymore.

Main Scenarios

  • sFIN: uses a classical BW approach by delivering content BW objects in the namespace /ERP/. The 'transient' aspect for these objects is that no data is loaded separately to BW InfoProvider tables. InfoObjects have their master data filled from HANA views or master data read classes, hierarchies are created by remote hierarchy classes and transaction data in InfoProvider is read with delivered logic from functions/classes via Virtual providers.
  • S/4HANA working with ABAP CDS views : Here applications can define CDS views enhanced with analytic annotations. These views can then be used via the ODP interface as transient providers for reporting, see Embedded Reporting on ABAP CDS views.



Other Embedded Reporting Topics (e.g. /ERP/...)

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