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Transport Process Chains to Test System

What is the best way to transport process chains to test system?

To transport a process chain the best is to transport only objects created for the process chain. On my system I created specific obejcts for PC : Infopackages, jobs, variant. those objects are only use for PC. By this way I avoid errors when users restart load or job manually. 

So when I want to transport a process chain I go in the monitor and select the PC make a grouping on only necessary objects, and I go through the tree generated to select only what I need. Then I go in SE10 to check if the transport contains not other objects which can impact my target system. 

 You can avoid some uncessary objects by clicking in Grouping > Data flow before & Data Flow After . For example you already have infopackages in your target system but not process chains & you only want to transport only process chain without any other objects like transfer structure or infopackages . You can choose before or after option . 

You can also choose hierachries or display option from the Display tab too if you have objects in bulk but make sure all object are selected ( in case when different-2 process chain having different kind of object then better use Hierarchy, not list ) 

 While Creating these TR some objects may be in use or locked in other TR so first release them by Tcode Se03 ,using unclock object ( Expert Tool ). 

 These options can reduce your effort while collecting your objects , even after so much effort you get some warning or Error like :- objects are already in system then ask basis to use overwrite mode.