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  • Transport a specific Infoobject in BW
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Transport a specific infoobject

How to transport a specific info object? . How to manually transport that object?  1. Administrator Workbench (RSA1), then Transport Connection 
2. Object Types, then from the list of objects put the requested one on the right side of the screen (drag & drop) 
3. Click "Transport Objects", put the development class name and specify the transport (or create the new one) 
4. Transaction SE01, check transport and release it 
5. Move the transport up to the another system. 
  If you change and reactivate the infoobject, but get no transport request, this means that your infoobject is still in $tmp class. 
go in to the maintenance of the infoobject, menu extras, object directory entry and change the development class. at this point you should have a pop-up requesting a transport request
  If you're not getting a transport request when you change and activate, it could also be that the InfoObject is already on an open transport.  When you collect the object in the transport connection as described above, you will see in the right hand pane an entry called Transport Request. If there is an entry here, the object is already on a transport and this gives you the transport number.  You can then use SE01 or SE10 to delete the object from the existing transport if that is what you want to do then, when you change and activate the object again, you should be prompted for a transport request. Alternatively, you can use the existing transport depending on what else is on it.

How To Do Transports in BW?

Step by step procedure for transporting in BW:
1. In RSA1 go to Transport Connection
2. Select Object Types Your Object that you want to transfer.
3. Choose grouping method (in data flow before and after)
4. Drag and drop your object.
5. Click the Truck button to transfer
6. In Source System (e.g Dev SE09).
    a. Expand to choose your child request
    b. Click on the release button (truck)
    c. Choose the parent request and click the Truck button release.
7. In Target System (e.g QA) go to STMS
    a. Click on Truck button (Import Overview)
    b. Dbl click on your QA system queue
    c. Clck on Refresh
    d. Clk on adjust import queue
    e. Select ur request and click on F11.