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  • Trouble shooting guide for MDX parser
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CURRENT PROBLEM: 2654964 Error occured when starting the MDX Parser with 7.53 Kernel (BRAINOLAPAPI011 or BRAINOLAPAPI152)


When you execute a MDX statement, below error happens when start MDX parser.

Error message BRAINOLAPAPI 011: Error occurred when starting the parser: timeout during allocate / CPIC-CALL: 'ThSAPCMRCV'5959

Transaction SM59

The connection error can be confirmed by "Connection Test" in transaction code SM59.


Step 1: check the configuration in transaction code SM59.
  • On the "Technical Settings" tab, the radio button "Start on Application Server" must be selected and "mdxsvr" must be entered as the program.

  • On the "Unicode" tab:
    • For kernel version below 7.49: the radio button "Non-Unicode" must be set .
    • For kernel version of 7.49 or above: "Unicode" must be set.


Step 2: Download the latest RFC library file

For kernel version below 7.49: You must make sure that the required files (executable mdxsvr, RFC library in a 32-bit version, non-Unicode, librfc32.dll for Windows platforms or for Unix/Linux, the mdxpars.dll library for Windows platforms) exist on every application server.

For kernel version of 7.49 or above: You must ensure that the required files (executable mdxsvr, platform-specific NW RFC library file such as for UNIX) exist on each application server.

  • Download the RFC library file - How to download RFC library file.
    For kernel version below 7.49: The RFC library file is in non-Unicode, please do not download the file under "<SAP kernel version> UNICODE".
  • Find the directory of the mdxsvr - Directory of mdxsrv.exe.
  • Copy and replace the RFC library file in the directory.
Step 3: Check connection in SM59. If error does not happen any more, the connection issue is resolved.

If the connection error persists, please read below notes and perform the resolution.

  • 1032461 - MDX parser does not start 
  • 1995588 - MDX: Problems calling the MDX parser


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