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Update Rule - Tables

Updaterule metadata tables

RSUPDINFOUpdaterule info (Directory of updaterules where the overview of updaterule is stored).
RSUPDDATConatins the information of Datafields (keyfigures in case of InfoCube and Any infoObject type in case of ODS) and how they are updated. Each datafield will be defined with a rule and a rule is a combination of how the keyfigure is updated and how it's key combination is deived).
RSUPDKEYKey per key figure (Key is the combination of characteristics, time characteristics and the units assosiated with keyfigures). The key combination for each keyfigure can be different so the key is maintained for each rule of RSUPDDAT)
RSUPDROUTCheck table for all the routines defined in the updaterules
RSARROUTTable which contains Routine ID , type and its status
RSAABAPTables which contains the routine definition


Other tables related to Formula header and status information

RSFOBUEV000BW - FoBuEv: Header Data of a Formula.
RSFOBUEV000BW - FoBuEv: Line (Token) of a Formula.


Program RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL is used for checks and to regenerate UpdateRules in the case of technical incompleteness or inconsistency of metadata without creating a transport. It can also be used to mass activate updaterules.


Object Version (A or M). If the A version is activated it will not affect the M version

    Updaterule ID which you find in RSA1 object entry on the respective updaterule.

    Target DSO or Cube can be entered with the technical name.

    InfoSource or DSO can also be entered with the technical name.

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Notes describing and correcting program RSAU_UPDR_REACTIVATE_ALL

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