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Useful links for the Month of July 2008

(lightbulb) " Share your knowledge to Learn More "

1.A complete tool to find the Solution for variaous functional areas by ERP Release wise and Business Issue wise.

2. A Complete SAP Solution Map tool

3.This site contains useful information about Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

4.Some Useful Information about BI Transports

5.These sites contains some useful information about BW Security

6.SAP Solution Manager 4.0 will be officially renamed to SAP Solution Manager 7.0 as of May 1st, 2008.

 7.This documentation provides an overview of the key areas of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) and introduces the tools, functions and processes of SAP NetWeaver BI that enable your company to implement a successful business intelligence strategy.

 8.The presentation details for the first time the solution set that has come from SAP's acquisition of Business Objects.

9.This presentation provides an overview of the new capabilities for Business Intelligence in SAP NetWeaver 7.0, previously referred to as SAP NetWeaver 2004s. Learn about the new BI functionality in the SAP NetWeaver 7.0 platform. A major upgrade from SAP BW 3.5, SAP NetWeaver BI provides a number of new features and enhancements, in all areas. This overview takes a look at this new functionality in each of three IT scenarios supported primarily by SAP NetWeaver BI: Enterprise Data Warehousing; Enterprise Query, Reporting & Analysis; and Business Planning and Analytical Services.

 10.All Articles on Business Intelligence

11.Migration to Netweaver BI 7.0

 12.This guide will instruct the reader on how to create custom formulas within the transformation library for reuse within the Formula Builder. This is useful when the following conditions apply: when there are no standard formulas available to use; the transformation can only be done using ABAP within a routine; and it needs to be used multiple times.

 13.This article demonstrates how to use the Rule Group functionality in Transformation Rules. It is explained with the help of an example where data in the source system is modeled as a Key Figure Model and while loading it into Business Warehouse it is converted into Account Model using Rule Groups in Transformation.

 14.This article describes how to add a new characteristic to InfoCube using the remodeling feature and populating it using a Customer Exit.

 15.SAP Solution Map - Validation Service

 16.Please download the SAP Solution Composer from here. Its free and very useful.

17.SAP Best Practices Baseline package V5.600 for India
For other countries
18.SAP Best Practices for Business Intelligence

19.Related to Netweaver BI 7.0
How To Load a File into BI-Integrated Planning

How to  Load a File into BI-Integrated Planning - Additional Materials

20.ERP Upgrade related information

 Upgrading to SAP ERP - Frequently Asked Questions

mySAP ERP 2005 Powered by SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Upgrade Master Guide

Getting Started with an Upgrade to SAP ERP 6.0

 What IT Professionals must know about SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP

21.For all Preconfigured Scenarios, there is a good collection of docs , just click on the link in the right side of the page it will expand

22 .Register and you can get some good materials and Presentations

23.General Topics

SAP Tables for Technical Consultants

Understanding Transitive Attributes

(green star) Watch list of the Month

(green star) 1. Business Scenarios, and Processes

This site helps us to Find the Realization Alternatives for SAP Solutions, Business Scenarios, and Processes

(green star) 2. Business Objects - Xcelsius 2008
Xcelsius 2008 is the first and only dynamic and customizable data visualization software that enables users of different skill levels to create insightful and engaging dashboards from any data source with point-and-click ease. Xcelsius 2008 offers a comprehensive set of new features and integrations with Crystal Reports 2008, BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.0, and other market-leading products---making it easier than ever to put the power of relevant intelligent information into the hands of business users.

Xcelsius 2008 enables the user to download the reports in Flash, PowerPoint, PDF and MS Word format. To know more about Xcelsius 2008
Extending The Value of SAP NetWeaver BI with Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform

(green star) 3.IBS Solution Limited - New Website : BI Excellence Suite

We will now be able to see more demos, how-to Papers and tutorials. We offer a new Support center and an exclusive Partner Area, where partners can present their BI Excellence expertise with samples and Success stories.

IBS Solution releases Version 1.4 of BI Excellence Suite - Tuesday, May 13, 2008
-           Balanced Scorecard
-           Flash Charts and Maps
-           Powerpoint Export
-           Word Export
-          PDF Export 7.0

(green star) 4. Global SAP Knowledge Shop
Check out our wide range of knowledge material by browsing through the different catalog pages, which are divided by category:
simply click on a category in the right border of your screen.

 (green star) 5. Enterprise Services Workplace (ES WorkPlace)
The ES Workplace is the place to help you explore enterprise services SAP delivers in the latest solutions of SAP Business Suite. ES Workplace is therefore key to make enterprise SOA more tangible and accessible. There are different ways how you can discover enterprise services: You can either view an enterprise services index (either grouped by process components or by ES bundles) or browse by business context within the appropriate Solution Map. Besides discovering the enterprise services you will find detailed documentation on the different enterprise services down to the technical WSDL file and you can actually test a real implementation of the enterprise service in an hosted environment. There is an comprehensive how-to-use ES Workplace guide  to efficiently browse and testdrive enterprise services.

Access the following
SAP Library
SAP Library contains the complete documentation for SAP Web Application Server.

System Information
System information provides administrators with an overview of the system configuration and its state. It shows all of the system's instances and processes, their current state and important parameters (such as ports) that may be required for support cases, as well as the versions of the components installed.

User Management
The user management administration console provides administrators with the functions they need to manage users, groups, roles, and user-related data in the User Management Engine (UME). Users without administrator permissions can use it to change their user profile.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator
A tool for administration and monitoring, offering a central entry point to the whole SAP NetWeaver system landscape. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator can be used in a central scenario where it is capable of operating an entire system landscape containing ABAP and Java systems as the application platform of SAP NetWeaver.

 Web Services Navigator
Web Services Navigator is a tool that gives you a short overview for a specific Web service, based on its WSDL and allows you to create and send a client request to the real endpoint.

UDDI Client
The UDDI client provides query and publishing functions for different Web service entities (tModels, business services) to any UDDI compliant registry.

Web Dynpro
Web Dynpro is a User Interface technology available within the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.
Various Web Dynpro tools provide administrators and application developers with performance measurement and application administration capabilities. The Web Dynpro runtime is already deployed.

 I have been publishing these links in my blog also  (info)
and now I've published the same here. So you may find some old links to but nevertheless its better to have it here so I have just posted.

Hope you found these links useful.

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