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 Inspite of clicking on the global default workbook flag, your user does not use the default workbook.

The default workbook that is used can be seen in table RSRWBTEMPLATE.
Check the workbook that is assigned to your user

1> If there is a blank workbook assigned to your user, then your user uses the SAP Standard Global Workbook.

2> If your user id doesn't exist in this table then it will use the workbook assigned to the <blank> user id.

3> If the <blank> userid is assigned to the <blank>workbook then this means that any user id that does not have an entry in the table will use the global workbook. 

 Don't make any manual updates to this table, but you can use it to see which users are assigned to which workbooks.
Specify a standard workbook for your user id throught the properties of the bex analyzer.
 Ensure that the entry is updated in this table.
Also, you will need to close the BEx Analyzer and log back on to see the change.

Please note the following:

By default wheever you launch Global settings
the Check box "Global Default Workbook" is unchecked.

  • The 'SAP Default Workbook' is provided to be used for executing a single query in BExAnalyzer. Contained VBA functions are optimized to be used with one data provider and specific items which are part of the 'SAP Default workbook'.
    Changing this 'SAP Default Workbook' is not recommended by SAP. See SAP Note 1623048.
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