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This article addresses the requirement of Customer Exit variables in BW/BI Reports; in this article I’m explaining the following scenario…

In most of the SAP-BI/BW reports (Here I taken Sales example) users want to see the Sales revenue data for entire Financial Year Period.

Whenever the User will executes the report he/she don’t want to enter the from Date and To Date, but they want to see the Starting Date and Ending Date of the Financial Year Period based on System/Current Date.

Eg: Suppose user will execute this report on 23.10.2009, and he want to the data from 01.04.2009 to

31.03.2010 (This is as per INDIA Financial Year Period).

To display the data in report as per above example, we need to use the Customer Exit Variable on Date



Thanks & Regards

Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru

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