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This article addresses the requirement of Customer Exit variables in BW/BI Reports; in this article I’m explaining the following scenario…

In most of the SAP-BI/BW reports (Here I taken Sales example) users want to see the Sales revenue data for entire Financial Year Period.

Whenever the User will executes the report he/she don’t want to enter the from Month.Year (MM.YYYY) and To Month.Year (MM.YYYY) , if users will give wrong inputs to

0CALMONTH User Entry Variable then it should populate the error message. i.e. If user will give From and To Month.Year which are not falling in the same Financial Period, it should through an error message.

Eg: Suppose user will execute this report and given From 01.2009 To 12.2009 as input for 0CALMONTH User Entry Variable, it should through an error message because as per Indian Financial Year Period the give From Month and Year doesn’t fall in same Financial year Period (This example is as per Indian Calendar, From is April.YYYY To

March.YYYY , so in 01.2009 To 12.2009 period 01.2009 doesn’t fall in 2009 – 2010 Financial Year Period , it should be in between 04.2009 to 03.2010.

So based on the 0CALMONTH inputs, we need to validate the MM.YYYY and populate the Following Error Message.

“Pls Enter Correct Months Eg: 04.2009 - 03.2009 From & To months must be with in same Fy Period Eg: 01.2009 - 03.2010 is WRONG Eg: 04.2009 - 03.2010 is CORRECT”


Thanks & Regards

Surendra Kumar Reddy Koduru

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