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The goal of this Wiki is to give an overview about the naming conventions of the technical names and descriptions of the fields in a Transient CDS Provider(see Embedded Reporting on ABAP CDS views) used by frontend tools like Query Designer.

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TransientProviders based on CDS Views using the data category annotation #CUBE (see screenshot below) can be opened using either the BEX Query Designer or the Modeling Tools Query Designer.

Opening the TransientProvider

TransientProviders based on such CDS Views can be found using the naming convention 2C<SQLViewName> (see also CDS Views: Naming Conventions). In this example, the name of the TransientProvider is 2CYCS_CUBE. The following screenshot shows how this TransientProvider can be found during query creation in the Modeling Tools Query Designer.

The example CDS View used in this Wiki is a very simple one, based on the SFLIGHT demo table using five fields (carrid, connid, fldate, currency and planetype) with the semantic of a characteristic and the rest of the used fields with the semantic of a key figure. The example will concentrate on the field: planetype.

After opening the example TransientProvider in the Modeling Tools Query Designer, the technical names and the descriptions used for the fields look the following. The red rectangle marks the technical name and description of the field: planetype.

The source of the technical names and descriptions in the Modeling Tools Query Designer

The technical name of the field comes from the concatenation of the TransientProvider's name (2CYCS_CUBE) and the field name specified in the CDS view definition after the AS keyword ("planetype as AircraftType"). In general: 2C-<sqlvievname>-"field name defined in the CDS View" for fields with a characteristic semantic and 2C-"field name defined in the CDS View"-datatype for fields with a key figure semantic.

By default, the description - if not specified explicitly in the CDS View defintition(see below) - comes from the short description of the field in the ABAP dictionary ("Aircraft Type").

However, there is a BW Modeling Tools property('Preferences') you can use to get the long text of the corresponding data element displayed in the QueryDesigner:

The text has changed to 'Plane Type', see screenshot below.

Difference between the Modeling Tools Query Designer and the BEX Query Designer

In the BEX Query Designer, the description of the field is always taken from the field's data element (S_PLANETYE in this case).

Length limitations and best practices

If the (concatenated full) length of the technical name exceeds 27 characters a generated name is used instead. 

This and the rules described above can make it challenging to identify which field in the Query Designer corresponds to which field in the CDS View. To make identification easier the annotation @EndUserText.label can be used in the CDS View to define the description shown in Query Designer explicitly. See also Annotation EndUserText.label.

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