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  • Variable screen is not showing when executed the template
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1. If a query has no variables, no variable screen will be shown in web. It is not at all possible to see variable screen in this case.

2. If a query has variables (only optional variables but no mandatory variables ) then variable screen will not be shown.

3. If a query has mandatory variable but if it is prefilled, then variable screen will not be shown.

you can enforce to see variable screen only in case 2 and 3 by using the parameter '&VARIABLE_SCREEN=X' to the end of context url as shown in example below:


The variable screen won’t be shown if there are no mandatory variables in the query.  You can force it with the following methods,

1) Append the parameter '&VARIABLE_SCREEN=X' to the links in your menu.

2) Change the parameter in the web template used   > template property 'Force variable screen' in the Web Application Designer, per default it is not checked.

3) In case, no template is specified, the standard web template is used   > transaction SPRO. In case, no web template is maintained as    standard web template in transaction SPRO the standard web template delivered by SAP is used. It is recommended not to change the original SAP template but to create a copy, apply changes and maintain it as new standard web template in transaction SPRO. Please review note 643464 for further information. 



Only when there is a mandatory variable which is not filled and has to be filled only by user via F4 help, then variable screen will be shown automatically.
                          Reset Variable Values to Default


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