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Problem: Precalculation Uses the Wrong Variables

If you suspect that the wrong variable is being precalculated or the variables are being used incorrectly in another step within broadcasting or precalculation then you can at least check what is being taken into consideration during precalculation in the debugger.

In SE80 set an external breakpoint in 'CALL METHOD l_r_prec->precalculate'. To do this follow the steps below:

-> tx: SE80
-> Click Repository Browser
-> Select Class/Interface from the first dropdown box
-> Select CL_RSRD_PRODUCER_EXCEL from the second dropdown box
-> Click display
-> Look in 'Methods' -> 'Redefinitions'
-> Double click on 'IF_RSRD_F_PRODUCER_RT~PRODUCE'
-> Set a breakpoint at 'CALL METHOD l_r_prec->precalculate'
-> Now execute the broadcast setting in tx: RSRD_START [note: this should also work by executing the setting from the portal]
-> In the debugger press F6 and check the values for 'l_variable_string'. 'l_variable_string' can be found just under 'CALL METHOD l_r_prec->precalculate'
-> The variables used during precalculation will be contained in a string.
-> Copy this string to a text file so it can be edited to make the string more readable, so you see exactly which variables are being called.