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If you are using a Hana database, you can use the setting Master Data Access = 'SAP Hana View' to create virtual master data. This means that the master data is not stored in the classic P/Q/X/Y tables but in a Hana View which is assigned to the InfoObject.

Transaction RSD1 → tab Master Data/Texts

SAP Hana Studio:

In principle you can use Hana attribute views, analysis views and calculation views, but it is rather recommended to use calculation views of the type Dimension.

As explained in note 2479940, with regard to their flexibility, convenience and BW query runtime, InfoObjects based on an SAP HANA view are not comparable with InfoObjects with generic master data access, since the master data is not controlled by BW. Due to this restrictions, it is recommended that you use InfoObjects based on an SAP HANA model rather in exceptional cases.

Important to know

  • Review note 2479940 - Restrictions for InfoObjects based on SAP HANA model
  • If master data based on a HanaView is used, you need to assure that the data stored in the Hana tables complies with the standard which exists for master data in BW. E.g. uniqueness has to be guaranteed in order to avoid incorrect/confusing query results! See Example IV. Note 2772010 provides an RSADMIN parameter with which you can check the existence of duplicates during query runtime(in order to avoid the display of incorrect query results).
  • In case of  time-dependent attributes please check Example V:
  • You need to ensure a consistent state between the master data available in the HANA View and the values booked in BW providers, see note 2538757 for details.
  • In order to create SIDs for new master data values (not yet known by BW) use report RSPLS_CREATE_MISSING_SIDS, see also 2538757
  • If master data based on a HanaView is used, the data stored in the Hana tables should comply with the data type of the InfoObject. See 2192217.  If conversion routine is set on the InfoObject, all data stored in the Hana tables should comply with it. For example, if Alpha routine is set for the InfoObject, all values need to be padded with leading 0s. Otherwise report RSPLS_CREATE_MISSING_SIDS will fail.
  • F4 Help
    • The text of the initial value is displayed as # when the corresponding field is empty or blank
    • In case the Hana view does not contain all values booked in the provider, the F4 help does not display the complete list of values, see Example I and note 2538757.
  • Using the OLAP cache: see note 3226901.


  • Example I: Missing values in the F4 help
  • Example II: Characteristic with Texts
  • Example III: Missing values for navigation attributes
  • Example IV: Incorrect query result due to inconsistent data records in the Hana View
  • Example V: Time-Dependent Master Data
  • Example VI: Characteristic with Language Dependent Texts

SAP Online Documentation

Using Virtual Master Data

SAP Consulting Notes

  • 2538757 - Virtual Master Data based on SAP HANA View - Frequent Issues and Questions
  • 2479940 - Restrictions for InfoObjects based on SAP HANA model
  • 3226901 - Caching of HANA master data views
  • 2772010 - Master data access SAP HANA View: Duplicates
  • 2192217 - BRAIN019 when Activate Hierarchy on a NUMC/DATS/TIMS Characteristic with Master Data Access using SAP HANA View
  • 2035645 - How to map description of attribute in HANA View
  • 2718912 - Input help and maintainability SQL statement for SAP HANA views is not displayed
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