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With SAP BW 7.4 SPS5 and higher, we recommend creating central CompositeProviders in BW modeling tools instead of VirtualProviders on a SAP HANA model. More Information: CompositeProvider based on HANA Model

With SAP BW/4 HANA virtual Providers do not exist more, see the section on Open ODS views


You can create a VirtualProvider based on a SAP HANA model if you want to use this model in the BW system. Analytic views and calculation views are available as SAP HANA models. The concept of Virtual Providers in BW is well described, for general information on Virtual Providers please see Virtual Providers.

The VirtualProvider in BW is an InfoProvider based on InfoObjects. The Characteristics and KeyFigures are mapped to the corresponding Attributes and measures of the HANA Model (button 'Assign SAP HANA View Fields'). In case values of Attributes of the HANA Model do not exists in the corresponding BW master data tables and are retrieved by a BW query, they are added to the master data (SID table and P,Q,X,Y tables are updated - see also Simple Example).

You can turn on Navigational Attributes for the Virtual Provider as usual. Then you can map the Navigational Attribute also to a field in the HANA model in the “Provider specific properties” – if you do not map it, the data comes from the Masterdata tables in BW.

Analysis Authorizations are handled complete by BW, based on the modeled InfoObjects, i.e. possible Analytic Privileges in the HANA model are not taken into account. But the HANA model itself has to be accessible for the R/3 user of course

If it is required to allow users the option to supply values to the HANA Model input parameters via a Bex Query, there are basically two steps needed

See first part of Simple Example with Input Parameter.

If it is required to pass multiple single values to HANA Model input parameters via a Bex Query, please use HCPR instead.

See second part of Simple Example with Input Parameter.

SAP Online Documentation

Creating VirtualProviders Based on an SAP HANA Model

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