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To implement highly customized scenarios with user-define interface elements.

Having following Function:

   - Commands

   - Parameterization webitems


Web Items: 

1. Standard - most frequently used items

    Example: chart, navigation page, Report, Button group

2. Advanced - used less often

    Example: Web Template, Container, Tab Pages, Group

3. Miscellaneous - special items

    Example: Data Provider information, Text, Link, List of Exception

Command Wizard:


    1. Reducing the need for customer Java scripting

    2. Leveraging the power of the WEB API in an easy & intuitive fashion


More information about WebItems:



  Use :


For How to create please refer the below link:

Useful Notes:

1853408                CLOSE_WINDOW closes the browser window instead of modal window
2034062                SET TEMPLATE command optimization
2008342                Eccentric behavior with the usage of OPEN_TEMPLATE_DIALOG command in web templa
2017069                WAD: Export reads header template property for include item.
1949941                BEx Web 7.x: Commands not changing state are not skipped
1273024                Variable values and filter values from bookmarks are lost
1909349                Issue in exporting the items inside the TemplateInclude item
1903290                Command sequence execution in the runtime context
1875784                BEx Web 7.3x: row and column selection based bindings fail
1863880                BEx Web 7.x: Data area commands causing exception
1862129                All the items inside the template include item are exported
1847299                BICS: Binding commands may fail for dependend variables
1836846                MOD Command: Cell content is not exported
1777619                SAVE_BOOKMARK enhancement to permit Overwrite of Bookmarks
1744421                Analysis modification command - Results rows/totals rows
1768970                Error while using OPEN_DIALOG_SAVE_LOCAL_VIEW command.
2193839                BEx Web 7.3x+: No scrollbars when using OPEN_TEMPLATE_DIALOG
2142181                BEx Web 7.x: How to execute Javascript generated by Customer Exit Item
1502952                SAP BW BOOKMARK Central Note: Common issues & relevant fixes
1802978                MOD Scrolling: Unknown Error when paging



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