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Applies to:

SAP BW 7.0.


This WIKI will help in gaining an insight into what happens when the BW Accelerator starts indexing a cube.

Author(s):  Vikram Srivastava

Company:   Infosys Technologies Ltd.  
Created on:    30-12-2009
Author(s) Bio
Vikram Srivastava is working as Technology Analyst with Infosys Technologies Limited. He has got rich experience on various BW Implementation/Support Projects in both SAP BW 3.5 and SAP BW 7.0.

Process Flow Diagram

Step by Step Explanation

Create: For a table, the system creates the index on the BI accelerator server in accordance with the table properties. The system also determines how many parts the index is to be split into, depending on the present size of the table.

Index: The data is transferred and written to a temporary file on the BI accelerator server.

Prepare optimize: The data in the temporary file is formatted (compressed, coded and so on) as required for search and aggregation. Depending on how the index is distributed, this step can take longer than the indexing step.

Commit optimize: The previously optimized data is made visible. If you perform rollback for an index, the system rolls back the data to the last commit optimize.  

All the above activities are carried out for each of the tables which has new data.

Sample Logs

  Scenario 1 : Table has new data

 Scenario 2 : Table has no new data


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