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Workbooks formulas: (BexGetData, BexSetData, BExGetCellData)

It is possible to convert the analyses grid result from a workbook to excel formula. In this case the system replaces the cells in the analyses grid with a Microsoft Excel formula.

You can find more information about this feature in the online documentation below:

The procedure below can be useful for troubleshooting; these hints usually help in fix problems in this area:

-          Always try to use latest frontend patch, all known issues were already solved by these patches.

-          Check the macros settings in Excel. Depends on the security level you should have problems to execute these formulas.

-          Confirm if the BExAnalyzer.xla link is assigned to correct path. You can verify this chosen Edit -> links in your excel. In the case it is not correct, you can repair this selecting "changing source", assigning the correct BExAnalyzer.xla path and selecting "open source". Maybe a refresh in the workbook is required after that.

-          It is necessary to set the data provider property "Provide Results Offline" as per online documentation informed.

-          Note "1081969 - Replacing BEx formulas with your own values" informs the procedure in the case you want to display the result of these formulas without connect in the server ass well if you want to send the workbook for an user that does not use Bex Analyzer.

BExGetCellData x BExGetData:

The function BExGetCellData is created by "convert to formula" function in the case you have one structure on the row and one in the columns. This is particularly necessary so as to the texts of the structure members can be retrieved in order to be able to create language dependant workbooks.

I hope you find this information useful.

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  1. Unknown User (j502xhq)

    Hi, I have the following problem, I am using inpout ready queries, I convert to bexsetdata and have a formula such as this : =BexSetData(P48,"DP_2",H$42,H$43,$A45).  P48 refers to the cell with the data I want to send back, however, once i've converted to formulas, if I try to go back to design mode I get the message "Transfer Values to Server Before Navigation".  Ive tried adding a button before I convert to formulas, but even clicking this doesnt transfer the DP values to the infoprovider.  I can't do anything with the workbook at this point, any sugggestions?

  2. Unknown User (1000ai3hu)

    Hi, I have the same issue.

    Is there anybody that could give me an hint ?