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Install or upgrade the following products as per SAP Note 1400236. For sure subsequent releases and versions are also valid

Client PC:

  • Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 SP2
  • Bex Add-on for SAP GUI 7.10 Patch 9.01
  • Browser (e.g. IE, FF)
  • No Integration Kit is required

Server Side:

  • NetWeaver 7.0 Ehp1 SP 5 (ABAP and JAVA)
  • No BOE is required

Configuration steps to do on server side:

  • Standard BW Setup
  • BEx Web Runtime 7.0 configuration

    This is a standard configuration for an Sap customer using the BEx Web Reporting. This includes e.g. setting up the user management, trusted relation, sso, etc. between the ABAP and JAVA part of NetWeaver. It must follow the procedure as per SAP Note 917950 and 937697.

Launching a Dashboard

The Bex Web Runtime provides the page hosting the SWF-File/Dashboard and the SWF-File itself (as generated by Xcelsius Desginer).
It also initializes all queries referenced by the Dashboard taking URL parameters for e.g. variable or filter defaults similar to BEx Web into account


This is the runtime representation behind that:

Xcelsius Design Time

The Xcelsius Designer connects to… 

  • … the NW ABAP (via common DLLs with BI Add-on / BEx Clients) for all dialogs like „Open Query“, „Open/Publish Dashboards“,
  • … the NW Java (via Webservice) for retrieving the query meta data.
  • … the NW Java (via launcher URL) to start the dashboard.

 Xcelsius design time representation:

Usage of SAP Support component BW-BEX-ET-XC

The Integration requires above mentioned products. Only if these products and versions are installed this integration can be used. Not having them indicates that Xcelsius is used in another context (outside BW-BEX-ET-XC).

Find answers to the following questions: If one them is not true – again Xcelsius is used in another context.

Do you use the “SAP NW BI Connection”? This is the name of the data connection in the context of the Xcelsius Designer.
Does your dashboard launcher URL end with “…?Dashboard=<my dashboard>” ?