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Zero Suppression Setting 'Structure as Group'

As explained in OT-OLAP Zero Suppression, if this feature is active, a row or column is only hidden when all corresponding structure elements are zero.


Query Result Without Zero Suppression

Zero Suppression Setting in QueryDesigner

Setting 'Structure as Group'(refers to the key figure structure)

Hana Studio - BW Modeling Tool

'Structure as Group' Active / ActiveAll(Rows and Columns)

With this combination of these two settings only the first row is suppressed since in this case both(all) key figures of the structure are zero(or Null).

'Structure as Group' NOT Active / ActiveAll(Rows and Columns)

In this case also a entire key figure(out of the structure) is hidden.

'Structure as Group' NOT Active / ActiveAll(Columns)

'Structure as Group' NOT Active / ActiveAll(Rows)

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