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  • Zero Suppression in Java Runtime
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Whether the feature zero suppression is carried out in ABAP(old/new implemenation) or Java(or AfO), depends on the paramter RS_USE_RESULT_OPS and the variants Active and Active (All Values = 0). The following only apllies when the query already uses zero supression. If this feature is activated dynamicall in the frontend, the supression is normally rather done in the frontend.

    • Active: done in ABAP (old ABAP implementation)
    • Active (All Values = 0): done in Java
  • RS_USE_RESULT_OPS not set
    • Active: done in ABAP ( (new ABAP implementation; class CL_RSR_ZERO_SUPPRESSION)
    • Active (All Values = 0): done in Java

See also 1127156 "Safety belt: Result set is too large".

SAP Notes


  • 2394047  B4/HANA removes old/new zero suppression implementation switch. 
  • 2069001  BICS: Global switch for result set operations
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