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  1. Datacell is empty, value showing wrongly in chart
  2. After doing export to pdf, graphs displayed one by one and does not export same as displaying              
  3. Graphs text with special character not showing properly
  4. Tooltips do not contain scaling factors in chart
  5. “The chart contains too much data" error message
  6. Problem accessing the Internet Graphics Server error message
  7. Error when calling up IGS (ListenerRFC: unknown interpreter)
  8. graphic title font not working properly
  9. formatting labels not working properly in chart
  10. GEO_FUNCTIONS_ADVANCED is not available in WAD map item in EHP1 system
  11. Supported chart item
  12. mouse pointer over a column into a chart do not display the “Tool Tips” when executing a Web Template
  13. mouse pointer change from the arrow point to hand/any format is not changing



Case1: Please open the template in the WAD and edit the chart. In the "Global Settings",  change the value for the "Gaps" from "interpolated" to "Zero".

Reason: If a datacell is empty, the IGS interprets this cell as a "gap" and not as a "zero". Gaps can be rendered as empty spaces, treated as zero or the values before and after the gap can be interpolated.
In order to treat the gaps as zero values, the above setting needs to be set.

Case2: The behavior that you have explained is as per the design and not a bug. This is the design of PDF generation. Only one web item will be shown in one line.

Workaround: To achieve what you require SAP has provided customers the web item, 'CONTAINER ITEM'. You need to use a container item, and within this add the items like map/chart/table whatever you need to display next to next in a single row. So when you go for a print, the PDF generated will consider this Container Item as a single web item and all the web items included within this will be displayed next to next instead of one below the other.

Please see the note: 1069368 - Additional information: NW 2004s BI Web reporting PDF export.

This is the link which explains about container layout item.


First please check the IGS configuration properly configured the fonts that are shipped with theIGS.

Also please check the note:  1028690 True Type Fonts delivered with IGS 596825 GFWCHART configuration file 531668 XMLCHART configuration file Still you have issue please upgrade the IGS latest patch level

Case4: Please apply the Support Package or Patch as mentioned in the related note 1693100.

"ChartItem: Tooltips do not contain scaling factors" and define the following RSADMIN parameter on the BW ABAP backend:  RS_BEX_DISPLAY_SF_TOOLTIPS = X

 To maintain the table RSADMIN you can use the ABAP report SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN. After RSADMIN parameters have changed a restart of the Java system may be required.  Please refer the note: 1693187 for more information.

Case5:  Please check the note: 1450678 for solution.

Case6: Please update IGS helper and IGS kernel patches to latest version. Please check the note: 454042   for Installing and Configuring of IGS 

Case7: Please check the note: 982774 for more information.

Case8: This problem means that the fonts are incorrectly configured on the IGS. Please refer to the notes 1028690, 531668 and 596825. Ensure that you implemented a recent IGS patch and that the fonts configuration is correct. Please check the note: 454042   for Installing and Configuring of IGS

Case9: Please check the note: 1064448. This note describes how to use the Format property in charts for formatting labels.

Case10: The parameter GEO_FUNCTIONS_ADVANCED is not available in EhP1.

Please refer to SAP help link:

In order to use the advanced toolbar, you just have to choose the position of the toolbar in the WAD by setting the parameter GEO_FUNCTIONS_POS.

Case11: Supported following char types.






Line chart

Profile chart

Column chart

Bar chart

Doughnut chart

Radar chart

Area chart

Profile area chart

Pie chart

Polar chart


Split pie chart

Scatter Chart

Time scatter chart




Gantt chart

Milestone trend analysis (MTA)

Delta chart (waterfall chart)

Case12: Please update the IGS version into the latest one.

Case13: Please update the IGS version into the latest one.


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