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This section provides guidance on the Alert Editor in the BI Platform Support Tool.

Accessing the Alert Editor

To access the alert editor, click on the Alerting navigation menu button

User Alerts

User Alerts are alerts whose threshold can be customized by the user via the Alerting interface.  User alerts allow only one property/metric (e.g # of connections), one operator (e.g. greater than, less than, contains, does not contain, etc), and one threshold value.

Complex Alerts

Complex Alerts are alerts that are customizable and combine two or more alert formulas.  If all of the defined formulas evaluate to true then the complex alert is triggered.  This type of alert is useful for doing more complex evaluations.  For example, you could alert if there is a server that is a jobserver and it is running more than 10 jobs concurrently.

System Alerts

System Alerts are alerts whose thresholds and formula logic are defined by the BIPST development team in order to perform more complex checks on the system (for example, a check to make sure all BI nodes in the system are at the same SP / Patch level).  System alerts typically leverage data from many different analysis reports at once to perform a more complex logic evaluation.  Therefore, to insure all system alerts are checked, make sure you run all available analysis types in your Landscape Analysis Report.  System Alerts can be disabled in the Alerting interface.

It is not possible to edit the underlying conditions of a System Alert, however you are able to enable / disable each one defined in the BIPST. To do this, select the alert within the upper table, alter the 'Enabled' dropdown menu value and click 'Submit'. The condition(s) for each System Alert are specified within the corresponding description field.

More Information

For more information about alerts in the Landscape Analysis Report, refer to Alerts Overview

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