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Introscope BOLight setup is no longer supported

The setup described in this wiki is no longer functional due to changes in the Diagnostic Agent.

Please refer to the following kbase for the alternative information for setting up Introscope monitoring.

This page provides a guide on how to download the required software from the Software Download Center.


The files required for the Introscope installation are part of the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 files on the Software Download Center.  If your company has a Standard or Enterprise Support contract, you should have usage rights and access to download SAP Solution Manager software. If you find that your S-USER does not have access to download one or more of these files, you can send an email containing your customer number to for assistance in getting download permissions added to your account.

Quick Start

This section provides a quick way to directly download the required files, information on each download package, and information on the host where the files will be needed. If the file download does not work via the direct link provided and you have download permissions, you may need to download the files from the Software Download Center manually (see next section). Furthermore, if you find that downloads are quitting before they are complete, you can also use the SAP Download Manager tool to assist in assuring a successful and complete download.

Please be aware

The SAP Kernel and SWPM versions are updated on a regular basis and old versions are removed from the software download center. It is recommended to go to SAP Software Download Center and search for the updated version for your platform if the below links are not functional. You can also email me for help in finding the files and I will update this wiki page with the latest version. Please do not open a new incident on issues with broken links in this wiki page, I'm more than happy to help you directly with this topic.

Additionally, you may refer to the below SAP Note for guidance on obtaining the SWPM and Kernel media required for the Diagnostic Agent install

File NameFriendly Name (Search Term in SWDC)Direct LinkWhere is this needed?What is this for?

Platform Specific

  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
SAPCAR is used to extract files from SAR archives (similar to winRAR).

WILYISEM00_0-70001415.ZIPIntroscope Enterprise Manager 10.1 for SAP SP00DOWNLOAD
  • IEM Host
Install media for the CA APM Introscope Enterprise Manager.  

  • IEM Host
Management modules and customizations files which contain SAP instrumentation and BOE 4.0 dashboards 
SWPM10SP24_2-20009707.SARSWPM 1.0 SP24 for NW higher than 7.0xDOWNLOAD
  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
This is the Software Provisioning Manager (replaces the older sapinst).  This tool is used to install the Diagnostic Agent 7.4

  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
This is the SAP Host Agent package and is required for the Diagnostic Agent installation.

  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
This is the SAP Java Virtual Machine package and is required for the Diagnostic Agent installation.

SMDA710_SP11_5-80003511.SARPatch for DIAGNOSTICS AGENT 7.49.3 DOWNLOAD
  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
This is the Diagnostic Agent package and is required for the Diagnostic Agent installation



Kernel Part I (749)
  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
This is the SAP Kernel package and is required for the Diagnostic Agent installation 


Right click, save as

  • IEM Host
The OSGI packages required for installation of Introscope Enterprise Manager.



Right click, save as

  • IEM Host
The End User License Agreement for installation of Introscope Enterprise Manager 
sap_actool-2.*.*-bin.zipAC Tool 2.xDOWNLOAD
  • BI Hosts
  • WAS Hosts
ACTool is used to configure managed hosts (BI and Tomcat). It also installs the Java Agent for monitoring Web Application Servers. *Always download and use the newest version of ACTool 

Platform Specific File

The link provided is for Windows x64 platforms.  If you are installing to another platform, please search for and download the version for your specific platform


Downloading Files Manually From SWDC

In the event that the above direct download links are not working, or if you need to find files for a different platform you can use the below information to browse to the files in the Software Download Center and download the files manually by adding them to your download basket and/or using the SAP Download Manager. Alternatively, you can search on the Software Download Center for the friendly file name in the above Quick Start table to locate the file.

  1. Browse to the SAP Software Download Center

  2. Browse to the following path: Software Downloads -> Support Packages and Patches (2nd tab) -> By Category --> SAP Technology Components -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.2
  3. Locate the Introscope files using the guide below:

    Introscope Enterprise ManagerWILY INTROSCOPE -> WILY INTROSCOPE ENTPR MGR 10.1 -> (your OS for the enterprise mgr): WILYISEM00*.zip
    IEM Management ModulesWILY INTROSCOPE -> WILY INTRO EM MGMT MODULES 10.1 -> OS independent: WILYISMM00*.zip

  4. Next, in the search box select DOWNLOADS and enter search term SWPM 1.0 then download the latest version of the file SWPM 1.0 SPxx for NW higher than 7.0x for your platform. (where xx is the latest SP version)

  5. Repeat step 4 for the following file names:
    - SAP HOST AGENT 7.21
    SAP JVM 6.1
    Patch for DIAGNOSTICS AGENT 7.49.3
  6. Next, in the search box select DOWNLOADS and enter search term SAPCAR 7.21 and download the SAPCAR version for your platform.


Copy files to the required machines

Once you have downloaded all the software, copy the files to a temporary folder on the IEM, BI, WAS hosts in your landscape according to the quick start table (Where is this needed column). You are now ready to begin the installation. Proceed to 3. Installing Introscope Enterprise Manager

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