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SAP BusinessObjects BI platform support tool 2.1 Patch 1

Build: (03/02/2018)

Release Date: March 5 2018


New Features


Add users and groups to Security Analyzer

Added Users and Usergroups top level to the tree. Made the fetch for children objects to loop through all (not just 1000) to prevent future issues. Rewrote functions to be more generic so less maintenance.

New Compare Server Services in Server Comparison Analysis

Updated the comparison page under the APS tab to have 2 accordions. 1/ Compare Server Services and 2/ Compare Server Properties

Added a new table within the new accordion to show which APS servers include which services

Add new server settings introduced in BI Platform 4.2 SP5 BITBITOOL-1513
Schedule Analysis : Display list of reports with the most instances

Added a new section in the schedule analysis report which pulls the reports with most instances from the system. Works with top N, but not with date range - Pulling date range is much more expensive query-wise than simply finding instances

Server Groups SummaryThis new analysis type displays all info about server group configurations. It also does a check for reports configured to run against an orphaned server groupBITBITOOL-287
Include all metrics in Server ComparisonAdded more metrics to the Server Comparison reportBITBITOOL-1500
Add Tomcat Executor threadpool settings to Web Application Server reportThe Web Application Server Analysis now reports on any configured Executor threadpoolsBITBITOOL-1540
Sizing recommendation alerts updated per latest 4.2 SP5 Sizing GuideSome changes to sizing guidance and formulas in the latest sizing guide required changes to alerting logic. This has been updated per the latest recommendationsBITBITOOL-1530
Improvements made to Max Heap sizing checkThere are now two alerts which calculate the total Max Heap on each host. One alert calculates total MaxHeap for all servers that are running and enabled. Another alert does the same but for all servers on the host, including those that are stopped/disabled.BITBITOOL-1541


Fixed Issues


On Windows 8 and 10, the BIPST client UI text is chopped off and images / fields not sized correctly.

The client will now auto-scale itself according to your windows DPI / font size settings. In preferences, it is also possible to manually set the zoom setting (auto, 100%, 125%, 150%, etc)2.1.0BITBITOOL-1567
When no host is defined in the landscape, but only webapp nodes exist, both the Hardware and Patch History fail with no displayed error.Improved error handling in this situation.2.1.0BITBITOOL-1495
The error displayed when the Host Agent operations files are not deployed points to an outdated linkUpdated wiki and links in error message2.1.0BITBITOOL-1506
Web Application Server analysis report errors on Tomcat 7The problem is fixed2.1.0BITBITOOL-1515

NullPointerException in BI Applications report when ran against BI Platform 4.0 and BI Platform 4.1

The NPE wasn't getting logged previously. The report displayed a tab for BIApplications but it was empty, along with a couple ui popup errors. This shows the errors at extraction time:

at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$
 The problem is fixed2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1520
With RTM build, you get looping classpath relauncher if version specified in preferences is out of sync with current batch file version The problem is fixed2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1498
Lumira Server description incorrect in landscape reportUpdated the Lumira Server to use a new description rather than the stock APS server description within the landscape report. This is set during the extraction which means if you open an old report, the description displayed will be whatever was written to xml in the old extraction. IE. the generic APS description. 2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1516
Set Materialization Service data missing from Landscape Analysis Report extractionAdded param names / descriptions so they will be included during extraction 2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1514
WACS services missing from Server & Services extraction.

Added - Web Services SDK and QaaWS Service

Added - BOE Web Application Service

Added the 4 parameters defined in each

Verified Server & Services report and comparison tab results

WACS comparison tab fix for BITBITOOL-1375

Comparison tab now displays the parameter names and their corresponding param group names in the table.

The values for each parameter are now displayed correctly on both the main server & services tab as well as comparison tab

Timeouts Analysis Report missing Customer Data Access ServiceAdded Custom Data Access Service and parameters to Timeouts report2.1.0BITBITOOL-1533
Predictive Support Alerts new contact setup was authenticating against which is a deprecated system. S-USER password set on does not get replicated to and as such, there is a password synchronization issueChanged new PSA contact workflow and validate SUSER workflow from testing basic auth against to instead test a small text file upload against support documents URL (which is tied to authentication)2.1.0BITBITOOL-1517
When Scheduling to Predicitve Support Alerts destination, if the schedule fails to send to SAP, the instance does not fail and there is no indication that it failed to send (it shows success in the instance output)If the Send to SAP destination fails, it will now show this in the instance log



Platform Search alerts incorrectly formatted.

The alert table (same one that is displayed under a service or property/parameter table) to display the alerts from the table above was being created incorrectly which lead to the alert table growing upon itself rather than resetting for each session.

For instance, session 1 would display 2 alerts. Then if Session 2 had 3 alerts, it would display 5 in the table instead of 3. If session 3 had 2 alerts, the table under session 3 would display 7 instead of 3.

The problem is now fixed.

 2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1510
System Alert for license key validation displays incorrect alert name The problem is now fixed. 2.1.0 BITBITOOL-1502
Setting Java SSL keystore truststore values hangs client if no landscape definition created yet

Disabled all buttons on the page apart from add and refresh unless a landscape is created.

Re-disabled all buttons on the page if all landscapes are removed

HTML not rendering in cluster overview pageThe problem is fixed2.1.0BITBITOOL-1546
Some failed BI logons don't display a useful error to the clientA more useful error will now be displayed to the end user2.1.0 

sqlite*.dll temp file created but not cleaned up when running patch history

Problem is fixed by a newer version of sqlite jdbc driver.
Tomcat maxThreads not detected correctlyWe now check if there is an exector defined for each connector. If there is an executor defined we display maxThreads and other settings from the Executor pool since the settings for the connector are ignored in this case2.1.0BITBITOOL-1540
Some APS parameters are displayed as milliseconds instead of secondsFor the parameters of Custom Data Access Service, Excel Data Access Service, Visualization Service, and WebI Monitoring Service, will change those that were showing in ms before, will convert to second to store in data xml2.1.0BITBITOOL-1547
Report History analysis type icons for License and Schedule were using wrong iconsThe problem is now fixed.2.1.0 
JMX Validation status bar message not timing out after either success or fail validationThe problem is now fixed.2.1.0BITBITOOL-1416
Clicking twice on schedule analysis report calendar/filter button causes hangThe problem is now fixed.2.1.0BITBITOOL-1532
E2E Trace Wizard does not successfully add tracelog files to the e2e_workdir

It was found in some situations where there were spaces in the path to the SAPCAR program the tracelogs fail to get extracted to the e2e work directory.

The problem is now fixed.

Schedule to SMTP destination not 100% functionalThe problem is now fixed.2.1.0 


Known Issues

Hardware Summary Analysis report not working when BI is running on AIX platform. This is a limitation of the SAP Host Agent. ETA for a fix to the SAP Host Agent is unknown at this point.2.xUnknown 

E2E Trace Wizard : In some cases, using a domain user from a different domain (not the domain of the user currently logged on to windows) causes the SAP Client Plug-in Administrator logon to fail. (this logon allows the SAP Client Plug-in to start under local administrative access).

Workaround: Use a local administrator account instead of domain account with local admin access on the BIPST client. Or, use the domain\user of the account that is currently logged on to Windows (assuming this user has local admin rights on the BIPST client)

Workaround 2: Uncheck the option to Use Integrated SAP Client Plug-in and on step 3 manually launch the SAP Client Plug-in from the location:


If you apply a combined installer patch, the "BOE Web App Build Check" alert is triggered because of a bug in the combined installer. Refer to: 2604826 - Combined Installer for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform does not update inventory.txt and install manifest with the correct build numberBI 4.xBI 4.2 SP6BITBITOOL-1543
2621369 - Clicking BISupportTool64.bat does not launch client successfully or gives error "Windows cannot find BISupportTool.exe" after upgrading from BI Platform Support Tool 2.0 to  
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