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SAP BusinessObjects BI platform support tool 2.1 Patch 2


Release Date: June 1 2018


Note about Predictive Support Alerts Service

We have temporarily disabled Predictive Support Alerts while we undergo some additional GDPR review.  This feature will be re-enabled in the next patch 2.1.3.  You may still send request to delete your landscape data stored at SAP should you decide to do so.  This feature will be fully implemented in Patch 3 and the frequency of alerts sent to customers will be much higher (there has been a lot of backend development at SAP to enhance our ability to deliver predictive alerts).  More info coming soon.

New Features


JMX logging can now be enabled via Preferences option

JMX logging is very useful for troubleshooting failed JMX connections while setting up Landscape Configuration. The log is written to /bin/logging as bipst_jmx_logging.log

Schedule Report UI has been refactored


Schedule Report now allows more than one destination to be chosen per instanceThis allow you to for example schedule a recurring instance that will store a copy of the Landscape Analysis Report in the CMC (managed repository) as well as send a copy to email addressBITBITOOL-1531
Semantic Layer Analysis should report if a particular Universe is Multi-source (MSU)


Improvements to Server Group Analysis

Moved Server Group reports into accordians under a single tab (instead of a tab at the same level as Orphaned Reports)

Added System Alerts for missing, invalid, and inactive server groups

Server Group Analysis can now be ran via scheduled objectAdded Server Group Analysis to schedule and Linux shell versionBITBITOOL-1607
Added most recent BIPST Answers postings from SCN Community to Home dashboard BITBITOOL-1551
Added complex alerts to support guidance for Lumira Server garbage collection configuration

Lumira 2.0 and newer should use “-XX:+UseG1GC -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=200 -XX:+UseStringDeduplication”

Lumira 1.31 and older should use "-XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC"

Added new 4.2 SP4 property SI_PLATFORM_SEARCH_EXCLUDE_SI_KINDS to Platform Search Analysis BITBITOOL-705


Fixed Issues

BIPST Client crashes when upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1

2621369 - Clicking BISupportTool64.bat does not launch client successfully or gives error "Windows cannot find BISupportTool.exe" after upgrading from BI Platform Support Tool 2.0 to 2.1
BIPST should now successfully upgrade the preferences and start without issue2.1.1BITBITOOL-1580
Analysis for Office system alert triggers even though customer has Tomcat 7


This alert has been removed as it turned out after additional testing that the solution was not beneficial2.1.1BITBITOOL-1570
URL links in Alerts pointing to Knowledge Base articles are using old domain.Updated all links to
secEnterprise auth params missing from Authentication reportAdded these two missing parameters forcing Number and forcing Special character to extraction2.1.1BITBITOOL-1579
SSL settings sometimes missing for CMS landscape logonImproved matching cms name to landscape definition, added to resolve issue with SSL details not being located at login for select customers2.1.1 


Known Issues

Hardware Summary Analysis report not working when BI is running on AIX platform. This is a limitation of the SAP Host Agent. ETA for a fix to the SAP Host Agent is unknown at this point.2.xUnknown 

E2E Trace Wizard : In some cases, using a domain user from a different domain (not the domain of the user currently logged on to windows) causes the SAP Client Plug-in Administrator logon to fail. (this logon allows the SAP Client Plug-in to start under local administrative access).

Workaround: Use a local administrator account instead of domain account with local admin access on the BIPST client. Or, use the domain\user of the account that is currently logged on to Windows (assuming this user has local admin rights on the BIPST client)

Workaround 2: Uncheck the option to Use Integrated SAP Client Plug-in and on step 3 manually launch the SAP Client Plug-in from the location:


If you apply a combined installer patch, the "BOE Web App Build Check" alert is triggered because of a bug in the combined installer. Refer to: 2604826 - Combined Installer for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform does not update inventory.txt and install manifest with the correct build numberBI 4.xBI 4.2 SP6BITBITOOL-1543
Change Analysis freezes the entire tool after selecting more than one landscape report and clicking on the Compare button.
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