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SAP BusinessObjects BI platform support tool 2.1 Patch 3


Release Date: August 2018




Note about Predictive Support Alerts Service

Postponed to Patch 4
We have temporarily disabled Predictive Support Alerts while we undergo some additional GDPR review.  This feature will be re-enabled in the next patch 2.1.4.  You may still send request to delete your landscape data stored at SAP should you decide to do so.  This feature will be fully implemented in Patch 4 and the frequency of alerts sent to customers will be much higher (there has been a lot of backend development at SAP to enhance our ability to deliver predictive alerts).  More info coming soon.

New Features


New Landscape Tool: Audit File Analysis

New landscape tool for analysis of files left behind in the auditing directory. This scans for known issues, and if detected lists them in the UI

Currently, the tool searches for the following issues in the auditee files:

1. Detail Length excessive

2. Repeated events

3. Repeated Objects

4. Repeated event types

5. Long folder path

6. Unreadable files

Report Execution errors added to alert summary page

Previously, if there is an error in the report processing the user would recieve a pop up and report processing would stop and would require user to click ok. Any issues in processing the landscape analysis report will now not pause the report processing, instead any issues are shown on the alerts tab

Added additional tracing to the tracelog for Linux cmd line mode


Added corba SSL status to the landscape overview section of AlertSummaryThis allows the report viewer to know if Corba SSL is enabled for a particular CMS clusterBITBITOOL-1629
System Alert: CORBA SSL Enabled on 4.2 SP05 or 4.2 SP06

Added system alert if CORBA SSL is enabled and it is 4.2 SP5+

Automation feature added for HANA Enterprise Cloud

The Landscape Analysis Report can now be configured and executed automatically in the HEC environment.

**Note: Although this feature is code complete, it has not yet been rolled out in the HANA Enterprise Cloud environment. We'll update this page once the necessary steps are completed.



Fixed Issues

Change Analysis freezes the client when doing a comparisonProblem is now fixed.2.1.2BITBITOOL-1455
Comparison page incorrectly displays the "Monitoring Service" as included when it should not beProblem is now fixed.2.1.2BITBITOOL-1617
System alert "Total Xmx vs Total RAM (Running Servers, No Children)" is calculating the heap size for dashboard proc and dashboard cache servers when these servers only have max heap for child processes. This caused the total heap calculation to be larger than what the results added up to.Dashboard Processing Server and Dashboard Cache Server is now not included in the heap calculation2.1.2 
Default values missing for 'bipodata' and 'biprws' webapps in Timeout Analysis report.Problem is now fixed2.1.2BITBITOOL-1627
Server Comparison html missing from zip when scheduledProblem is now fixed2.1.2BITBITOOL-1630
Incorrect parameter values displayed in the Timeout Analysis reportProblem is now fixed2.1.2BITBITOOL-1631
Technical service names are displayed rather than friendly name in the Timeout Analysis reportProblem is now fixed2.1.2BITBITOOL-1628
Null Pointer Exception viewing historical reportProblem is now fixed2.1.2BITBITOOL-1632
Null Pointer Exception when running landscape report if the clustername isn't found in the user preferences.xmlProblem is now fixed2.1.2 
LoginDialog doesn't seem to use the "SSL enabled" checkbox

Added confirm dialog to end user referencing mismatch of landscape SSL and dialog check box (SSL enabled in landscape but not enabled on dialog). User can now choose to continue to attempt the non-SSL login, revert to the landscape SSL settings, or cancel.

Added logic to disable SSL check box after system properties have been set (since the user cannot log into any other systems [ssl or non-ssl] without a system restart).

Added a tooltip to the disabled control

Failed logon with winAD says communication failed but real problem is WinAD is not configuredAdded check for required java options when logins fail and Windows AD is selected as the Authentication type. This will result in a more useful error message.2.1.2BITBITOOL-1625
Improved alert checking for servers with no services

We now check if the server is missing services and an ior exists. The ior will be created on first start of the server.

if ior is null then the server has never been started or initialized which means this is why it currently has no services assigned yet.

In this scenario we will not trigger an alert for that particular server.

Server Group Analysis : IndexOutOfBoundsException error when servergroup is corrupt

We now correct detect a corrupt servergroup and report this finding as an alert



Known Issues and Limitations

On some Windows clients, the sapclientplugin cannot be launched from E2E Trace Wizard because binary is not code signed and causes UAC pop up2.x2.1.4 
Hardware Summary Analysis report not working when BI is running on AIX platform. This is a limitation of the SAP Host Agent. ETA for a fix to the SAP Host Agent is unknown at this point.2.xUnknown 

E2E Trace Wizard : In some cases, using a domain user from a different domain (not the domain of the user currently logged on to windows) causes the SAP Client Plug-in Administrator logon to fail. (this logon allows the SAP Client Plug-in to start under local administrative access).

Workaround: Use a local administrator account instead of domain account with local admin access on the BIPST client. Or, use the domain\user of the account that is currently logged on to Windows (assuming this user has local admin rights on the BIPST client)

Workaround 2: Uncheck the option to Use Integrated SAP Client Plug-in and on step 3 manually launch the SAP Client Plug-in from the location:


If you apply a combined installer patch, the "BOE Web App Build Check" alert is triggered because of a bug in the combined installer. Refer to: 2604826 - Combined Installer for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform does not update inventory.txt and install manifest with the correct build numberBI 4.xBI 4.2 SP6BITBITOOL-1543


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