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SAP BusinessObjects BI platform support tool 2.1 Patch 5


Release Date: February 2019



Please note: Excel Export

We have removed the export to Excel option for the Landscape Analysis Report due to changes with Apache POI library. This year we will be changing the data binding to JSON for use with SAPUI5. This will allow direct reporting on the landscape data from which you can build excel files to meet your needs.


New Features


Improved Schedule to SMTP debugging

More debugging has been added to make troubleshooting schedule to SMTP destination easier

Added additional content types to Content Analysis  
Updated 3rd party libs to newer versionsUpdated 3rd party libs (Apache, JQuery, etc) to newer versionsBITBITOOL-1620
Improved cleanup of hidden objects when scheduling landscape reportImproved cleanup of hidden objects when scheduling landscape report 


Fixed Issues

Semantic Layer Analysis missing columns if data is missing in XMLThe problem has been fixed2.1.4BITBITOOL-1664
Home Landing Page does not get RSS feedsUpdated RSS feed code as it was changed on the server side2.1.4BITBITOOL-1666
Improved cleanup of hidden objects when scheduling landscape reportImproved cleanup of hidden objects when scheduling landscape report2.1.4 
Issues with scheduled object compilation and upload when SMTP destination is used as first destination typeThe problem has been fixed2.1.4 
If BIPST client crashed during Universe Analyzer, a temp folder would be leftover with universes that could be accessed by non-admin user

Improved security around Universe Analyzer when creating temporary folder for storing converted universes.

Fixed cancel action such that you can cancel out of the scan at anytime

unx Universes Missing Cores and Links Columns in xmlThe problem has been fixed2.1.4 
Update description for system alert "Server IP Binding Check"Improved the wording in the alert description column to better describe the alert. Had to rework some of the methods to capture a new value to include in the display.2.1.4BITBITOOL-1663
BI Platform Support Tool 2.1.x will not launch and is stuck in dialog "BI Platform Classpath Relaunch"The problem has been fixed2.1.4 
Platform Search fails with IndexOutOfBoundsException when run against IPS. IPS doesn't include Platform Search.Problem is fixed with error handling around Platform Search Analysis2.1.4BITBITOOL-1659

NullPointerException in jobserver logs when schedule to SMTP destination

Unable to complete export!
java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to read the field 'key' of a null object returned from
The problem has been fixed2.1.4None


Known Issues and Limitations

On some Windows clients, the sapclientplugin cannot be launched from E2E Trace Wizard because binary is not code signed and causes UAC pop up2.x2.1.5 
Hardware Summary Analysis report not working when BI is running on AIX platform. This is a limitation of the SAP Host Agent. ETA for a fix to the SAP Host Agent is unknown at this point.2.xUnknown 

E2E Trace Wizard : In some cases, using a domain user from a different domain (not the domain of the user currently logged on to windows) causes the SAP Client Plug-in Administrator logon to fail. (this logon allows the SAP Client Plug-in to start under local administrative access).

Workaround: Use a local administrator account instead of domain account with local admin access on the BIPST client. Or, use the domain\user of the account that is currently logged on to Windows (assuming this user has local admin rights on the BIPST client)

Workaround 2: Uncheck the option to Use Integrated SAP Client Plug-in and on step 3 manually launch the SAP Client Plug-in from the location:


If you apply a combined installer patch, the "BOE Web App Build Check" alert is triggered because of a bug in the combined installer. Refer to: 2604826 - Combined Installer for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform does not update inventory.txt and install manifest with the correct build numberBI 4.xBI 4.2 SP6BITBITOOL-1543


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