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SAP BusinessObjects BI platform support tool 2.1 Patch 6


Release Date: June 21 2019



New Features



Authentication Wizard

Added parser for SAPUILandscape.xml to populate available systems table in the New Entitlement System Wizard

Allows for failover to SAPLOGON.ini

Added LUMX to Content Analysis

Add LUMX to Content Analysis

Added latest BI applications to Applications AnalysisAdded latest BI applications to Applications Analysis 
Improved query performance for all analysis typesLandscape Analysis Report will now execute faster due to optimized queriesBIBITOOL-1684

Landscape Analysis Report run times are now measured for each analysis type and
shown as metadata in report

This is useful to know which Landscape Analysis report is taking the most timeBITBITOOL-1683

Added logic to detect Information Platform Services environments and adapt autoconfig and reporting behavior to avoid issues on Linux Shell version

Corrects problems with failing Platform Search and Patch History analysis



BIPST jar file version is now shown in the log generated from a scheduled instance (clicking on the instance in CMC shows this log)  


Fixed Issues

Audit Analyzer returns blank Object CUID Count WarningThe problem has been fixed2.1.5BITBITOOL-1677
Enterprise Alias Manager fails to create alias for some users and reports alias was created

In rare instances, there will exist contradictory properties for an SAP imported user, where SI_FORCE_PASSWORD_CHANGE=true and SI_CHANGEPASSWORD=false.

If such contradiction exists, we will attempt to change SI_CHANGEPASSWORD=true and then save the user. Added more logging and better try catch method so can catch other unforseen issues in the future. Lastly, failing on one user will now continue to go on to the next user instead of stopping altogether

Issues observed with Content Analysis chartThe problem has been fixed2.1.5 
BI SDK classpath relauncher gets stuck in infinite loop preventing BIPST from starting successfully

Added check for support pack in library check via CMS metrics

Skips relaunch and utilizes 4.2 libraries to connect to 4.1 SP11+ environments


SWTException occurs rarely on application exit

org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed
The problem has been fixed2.1.5BITBITOOL-1709
Jquery updated to latest version 3.4.1Required to address CVE for older jquery versions2.1.5BITBITOOL-1710
System Alert "Available Drive Space Check" missing mount name on Linux OSThe alert was using the wrong property name to display the mount name. on windows, the previous property was fine. but on linux, we need to use a different property name. This has been corrected.2.1.5BITBITOOL-1714
If logon fails when double-clicking on the connection status bar (lower left hand corner of client) , the connection status was incorrect.The problem has been fixed2.1.5BITBITOOL-1712


Known Issues and Limitations

On some Windows clients, the sapclientplugin cannot be launched from E2E Trace Wizard because binary is not code signed and causes UAC pop up2.x2.1.5 
Hardware Summary Analysis report not working when BI is running on AIX platform. This is a limitation of the SAP Host Agent. ETA for a fix to the SAP Host Agent is unknown at this point.2.xUnknown 

E2E Trace Wizard : In some cases, using a domain user from a different domain (not the domain of the user currently logged on to windows) causes the SAP Client Plug-in Administrator logon to fail. (this logon allows the SAP Client Plug-in to start under local administrative access).

Workaround: Use a local administrator account instead of domain account with local admin access on the BIPST client. Or, use the domain\user of the account that is currently logged on to Windows (assuming this user has local admin rights on the BIPST client)

Workaround 2: Uncheck the option to Use Integrated SAP Client Plug-in and on step 3 manually launch the SAP Client Plug-in from the location:


If you apply a combined installer patch, the "BOE Web App Build Check" alert is triggered because of a bug in the combined installer. Refer to: 2604826 - Combined Installer for SAP BusinessObjects BI platform does not update inventory.txt and install manifest with the correct build numberBI 4.xBI 4.2 SP6BITBITOOL-1543

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