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Introscope BOLight setup is no longer supported

The setup described in this wiki is no longer functional due to changes in the Diagnostic Agent.

Please refer to the following kbase for the alternative information for setting up Introscope monitoring.

On this page, we will install the APM Introscope Enterprise Manager (IEM) on a dedicated host and deploy the Management Modules which provide dashboards for monitoring BI web applications, application server performance, BI server components, and host performance.


What if my company already has an Introscope Enterprise Manager?

If your company or organization already has an Introscope Enterprise Manager and you want to use this instead of installing your own, then you need to do the following:

  • Ask your Introscope administrator for the Introscope Enterprise Manager host name, communication port, WebView port or URL, and WebView logon information
  • Ask your Introscope administrator to install the SAP Management Modules (these provide instrumentation and dashboards for SAP products). You will need to obtain the correct version of IEM management modules according to the version Introscope Enterprise Manager you are using. For guidance on downloading management modules, refer to: Downloading files from the SWDC
  • Once you have completed the above points, skip to the section 4. Installing the Diagnostic Agent

Install the Introscope Enterprise Manager

  1. Confirm you have copied the required files to a temporary folder on the server that you will use as your Introscope Enterprise Manager host.

  2. Extract the IEM installer media WILYISEM**.zip to a temporary folder in the same directory.

  3. Move the files and eula.txt into the folder where you extracted the IEM installer media

  4. Next, open eula.txt and ca-eula.txt with a text editor and change reject to accept to accept the end user license agreement then save the changes

  5. By default, the Introscope Enterprise Manager will install to C:\usr\sap\ccms\apmintroscope. If you want to change the install location or drive, edit the file in a text editor. Add the desired install path to the property USER_INSTALL_DIR (note: you must use double backslashes between each folder in the path)

  6. Next, we will start the installer. Right click on introscope10.1.0.15windowsAMD64SAP.exe and choose Run As Administrator. The installer is a silent installer and takes a few minutes. You can monitor the installer process introscope10.1.0.15windowsAMD64SAP.exe in task manager.

  7. When the install is complete, you will find the Introscope Enterprise Manager in your Windows Start Menu


Deploy the Management Modules

  1. Extract the management modules zip file (WILYISMM*.zip) to a new folder.

  2. Browse to the folder where you extracted the management modules files, then select all the files and copy to your clipboard

  3. Next, browse to the location where you installed CA APM Introscope Enterprise Manager (by default C:\usr\sap\ccms\apmintroscope) then paste the contents of your clipboard to this folder. If prompted, check the option 'Do this for all current items' and select Yes to merge the contents

  4. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools and restart the Introscope Enterprise Manager service

  5. Browse to http://wiemhostname:8081/webview and logon to the WebView client using the default logon credentials


  6. If you are able to logon to WebView, you can continue to the next page: 4. Installing the Diagnostic Agent
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