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The Change Analysis feature allows an administrator or developer to understand what configuration changes have occurred in the BI landscape between multiple points in time. When troubleshooting an issue, a useful technique is to understand what changes have been made that could contribute to the problem. Change Analysis addresses this support requirement by allowing the user to select two or more Landscape Analysis Report instances and analyze the changes between each landscape.


Before you can use Change Analysis, you must have executed already at least two Landscape Analysis Reports from the same landscape (same CMS cluster)


Using Change Analysis

To use the Change Analysis feature to check for landscape changes, do the following:

  1. On the Change Analysis window, click the drop down button to view the list of historical report instances

  2. Check two or more report instances to compare then click the Compare button to start the analysis

  3. The results of the analysis are displayed and grouped by analysis type. Click on the analysis type to get an overview

  4. Click on the individual server node to view settings and metrics between two or more nodes. Differences are highlighted in yellow 

  5. Drill-down to individual server and service to analyze changes to server settings

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