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This page shows the following:

  1. General tips
  2. Search tips
  3. Errors you can safely ignore (they are expected)
  4. Errors you should take note of (they are not typically expected)

for log files found at C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\logging

General tips

When setting the log level to 'Unspecified' the log will generate only Assert errors (|E| and some others with 'Assert' failures). These are generally not useful or helpful as you do not know what happened before it, or the workflow that lead up to that event.

Before deleting logs, stop the 'BI Platform Server Service'. Stopping the service will allow the files to be deleted as they are no longer being held open.

Generic Search tips

General 'generic' search strings: (for specific issues, please see the table "Errors you should take note of (they are not typically expected)" below)

Search StringDescription
|Fatal|Fatal errors
************************************************************‑If you are looking at logs generated by Promotion Management or Version Management, then searching for this string of stars will help. Each string of stars indicates the start of an action. Each action will directly relate to the users' workflow. It allows you to easily jump through the logs to the relevant action.
The error message seen by the userThe error message, but not the full message. For example, just search for "30270" if the Error message was
"An internal error occurred while calling xxxxx WIS 30270"


Errors you can safely ignore (they are expected)

Log entryDescription of why this is safe to ignore
Could not initialize SAML2 global configuration


No connection with name "SAP_BW" foundThis is used by the BEx Web Application Service and it's usually not defined. If you have this service in your APS and you're not using it, it will generate this error. You can disable this service if you are not using it.

Errors you should take note of (they are not typically expected)

Log entryDescription of issueAction to resolve
Bundle <path_to_bi4>\java\pjs\container\work\SIA.AdaptiveProcessingServer\modules\cdsframework.jar cannot be started


cdsframework.jar file is missing or a dependency of this is missing. Other files can be shown instead of cdsframework.jar.Make sure that all jar files are available. A repair will typically fix this. But in critical situations you can copy the files from another server on the same version and patch level as the server with the problem.
Security::IsAllowed( U=4805061,R=90,Ob=989734,Own=447019,T=2 ) : IsAllowed=false defined=This shows that a security check was made for a User with ID  (U=4805061) on the Right with ID 90 (R=90) on an object with ID 989734 (Ob=989734) where the owner has ID 447019 (Own=447019) and the object type was 2 (T=2). It shows the security check 'failed' (the user didn't have the necessary rights) since IsAllow=falseFollow the steps here to determine more about what was being checked including identifying the actual right seen within the Central Management Console. Change the right within the CMC for the given user to correct the error.
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